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5 Leadership Assessment Tools for Your Business

by Jackson B

Leadership assessment is all about learning and realizing a person’s leadership potential across many different disciplines. Today, there are literally hundreds of different leadership assessments available online, so you really need to consider which will provide the feedback you’re seeking. What are some of the most common assessment tools? Here are some of the most popular ones:

Self-evaluation. Many leaders enjoy coaching clients on how to increase their own leadership skills. A leadership assessments tool that offers self-evaluation is an excellent way for your leaders to identify how they are doing and what they need to do to improve. It also allows for a quick snapshot of the leaders “funnel” which can show you where you might want to focus your attention. Typically, leadership assessments test how well leaders communicate, adapt, manage, lead, respect, and develop their team (among other things).

Personality modeling. This is a popular leadership assessment tool that measures leaders on personality and character traits. Some of the questions you will likely be asked include how transparent they are, their leadership style, their ability to influence, and their ideal customer profile. Generally, this type of test is best used for identifying potential leaders, especially those with qualities or behaviors that are in line with your business or company’s vision.

Task-oriented. A task-oriented leadership assessment tool requires the use of a standard questionnaire to collect information on organizational behavior and characteristics. This is often used as a measure of organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Typically, you will be required to rate each specific task as important, necessary, or helpful. However, you’ll find that some people respond better to ratings on a numerical scale than on an essay question.

People-oriented. The main reason why this type of assessment provides insight into leaders is that it considers people as a whole. In this case, instead of looking at specific actions or behaviors to determine if a leader meets certain qualifications, the process looks at how the leader thinks overall. As such, you can use this to determine not only if an individual has the right skill set and attributes for the job, but also to determine if that individual is capable of achieving goals and making positive decisions for the organization.

Organizational structure and dynamics. Many organizations make it difficult for leaders to achieve goals simply because they don’t know where to look, who to talk to, or how to best get the message across. By using organizational assessment, you can learn about how different people within your organization communicate with one another, work together, and how to improve communication within your group. The assessment can also tell you about your leaders’ personality types, their strengths and weaknesses, and even what drives them to become the best leaders possible. By learning these things, you can ensure that your team is more effective and that your leaders are able to lead effectively.

Critical thinking and problem solving. While many people don’t think of leadership assessments as being particularly insightful, they certainly can provide your team with some valuable insight. Through understanding what makes leaders tick, you can identify their goals, beliefs, and strategies in order to better serve your customers and fellow employees. This type of insight can help you develop your own leadership style so that you can be a truly effective leader. You can also use the information gleaned from these assessments to help you design a program to help your team achieve its goals.

These are just a few of the insights you can obtain from conducting a leadership assessment. No matter what type of management, organizational, or leadership endeavor you are undertaking, these assessments can provide tremendous insight. Unfortunately, not every company has the luxury of having someone come in to conduct an assessment on their behalf. For this reason, many companies are choosing to conduct these assessments themselves. If you’re interested in using these insights to enhance your leadership skills, it can be surprisingly easy to learn how to do so.


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