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5 Leadership Practices That Will Make You a Good Leader!

by Jackson B

There are lots of leadership practices that we are exposed to in our day to day life. Leadership includes being a cheerleader for your team and yourself, being a motivator and getting others to work harder. How do we keep these leadership practices fresh in our minds? Here are some effective tips for taking your leadership skills to new levels:

o Leading by example This is one of the most effective leadership practices you can implement immediately. From personal experience as a leadership coach I found that developing this leadership behavior as part of my daily routine took both encouragement and disciplined from a group of people who I mentored. Make it contagious. Ensure one of your leadership practices that you are willing to practice is something that gets you out of your comfort zone. The best leaders are those who have willing to go beyond their comfort zones and who are willing to explore new things.

o Leadership by values This is one of the more complicated leadership practices to master, but once you master it, you will realize how this strengthens your ability to get others to work harder at their own goals. Simply define your core values then set a leadership practice that supports and enhances them on a daily basis. What better way to get others to work than to champion their values? You will find this makes them more effective leaders too.

o Cultivate your leadership qualities, It’s a good idea to develop your leadership qualities early in your coaching career. Get into a leadership practices with a small group first, where you can develop and build on the leadership qualities that you already have. When you mentor others to improve their leadership qualities, you also have the opportunity to identify those leadership qualities that you might not be so keen about. Once you recognize your leadership qualities, you can then begin to share them with your coaching clients to strengthen them even more.

o Master your leadership behavior This is probably the hardest leadership practices to master because we all make mistakes. But no matter how many times we screw up, we must continue to learn and adapt. In order to be a great leader you must continually be learning and grow. The best leadership practices encourage feedback and even punish bad leadership behavior.

o Good leaders are not afraid to ask for help A common leadership practice that many people fall into is that they are too afraid to ask for help. This is never a good idea as leaders are professionals. They know when it is time to ask for help and they never turn away from others that need and deserve help. So do not be afraid to ask for help. If you think you can handle the situation then so much the better.

o Set the example As mentioned earlier, the best leadership practices emphasize learning, growing and maintaining good leadership qualities. As a leader you set the example. Be an inspiration to others and take care to see that they also have great success in life. Inspirational words and actions go a long way in making you a respected leader. This will motivate others to work harder and accomplish more.

There are many other leadership practices that every leader should learn and practice. However the above five practices are essential to being one of the most effective leaders. These leadership practices will not only make you a good leader but also someone that everyone will look up to. So find out what these five leadership qualities are and start applying them right away!

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