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Are You Taking Advantage of the Expansionary Monetary Policy?

by Chethan G

The Federal Reserve is a great institution that allows us the option of either an expansionary or a contractionary monetary policy. As the Federal Reserve was first established it did not have any interest in expanding the money supply; they wanted to see a high inflation rate and that was that. However, because we have the option of being in a state of expansion or in a state of contraction the Federal Reserve has been forced into making a decision on whether or not to expand its balance sheet.

When you hear the word “expansionary” the primary meaning is when a central bank is increasing its monetary policy. So why is that important? When we have an expansionary monetary policy the currency is going to be worth more, the money supply is going to increase, and prices are going to be better for us in our lives. The economy will be better for us and that is a very good thing.

However, the biggest drawback to the expansionary monetary policy is that if the economy begins to experience a recession or a depression then the economy could be hurt very badly. This is where contraction comes in because the central bank will begin to lower its monetary policy. When it does this it means that the economy will go through a period of depression or recession.

Now, one of the big benefits of the contractionary monetary policy is that the economy will be able to recover after the depression or recession has passed. After a depression the central bank will start raising interest rates to make sure that the economy does not start to turn around again. This will prevent the economy from getting back into depression or recession. When the economy is in the state that it is in now, it is important to understand that it is going to take time to turn things around. When the economy is in the state that it is in now, it will take a while for the economy to recover. This is because the government is trying to stimulate the economy and make sure that the unemployment rate is at a minimum and that the job market is full. It is important for everyone to understand that if the unemployment rate is not too high then it is not good for business.

If we were to make the mistake of allowing an expansionary monetary policy to continue indefinitely it would hurt us in many ways. If we allow it to continue for long enough to see our economic cycle that would hurt our ability to produce and earn income and therefore the ability to provide for our families. We would find ourselves in a situation where our families were struggling to pay their bills because they were paying for things that they could not afford. When it comes to expansionary monetary policy and contractionary monetary policy both work together for a number of reasons. The major reason that expansionary and contractionary works is because they work with different monetary policies. When the expansionary monetary policy works the economy is better off than when it is not. In summary, both expansionary and contractionary monetary policies work for the same reason; they both help the economy recover from a recession or depression. The key thing to remember is that both of these are great tools that the central bank uses to help get the economy going again.

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