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Business Casual Apparel For the Professional

by Jackson B

You will often hear the terms’ business professional” and “personal” in regards to attire that is suitable for casual interviews. The main distinction is simply the usage of a business suit with a two-piece suit being business professional attire. To better understand the difference, consider the following example.

Let’s say you are applying for a job at XYZ Company. During your initial interview, they ask you to dress in a professional business suit with a blazer and tie. This attire would be appropriate, as that is what they expect you to bring to the interview. As a result, you are probably excited to wear your favorite blue Jean pants, plain white shirt, and black leather shoes. While this is a common dress code for many businesses, it is not the only way business professionals choose to dress.

At the end of the day during an interview, the last thing you want to look like is a college student. Therefore, the best thing you can do is look like you have some class time to go to and take care of your appearance. By dressing for success, you are setting yourself apart from the majority of the interviewing crowd. Dressing for success also sets you apart from other candidates that were not properly prepared for the interview.

If you do decide to dress for success, one key item that you will need to include is a pair of business professional attire with a good pair of shoes. One great option is a button-down shirt with a nice vest or jacket. One great thing about button-down shirts is that you can always roll it up and take it off if you get too cold or too sweaty in the interview. Remember, a tie is optional.

The second thing you will need to include in your business professional attire for an interview is a conservative wardrobe of clothing. This does not mean that you have to give up style and comfort. In fact, conservative clothing is often considered more professional than the more elaborate and flashy outfits. conservative business professional wear like a dress shirt with a vest or a dark coloured leather jacket should be worn for a more formal occasion.

For a more casual event, you may be able to pull off some great business casual attire. A pair of jeans and a blouse or blazer in a more sporty colour are always a great option for a business professional look. Remember to keep the conservative attire for events like interviews and business meetings in mind so you don’t cross the line.

When it comes to wearing business attire for an interview or on a casual day at work, the most important thing to remember is comfort. You don’t want to show up in the hottest dress or top that you have had your eye on and then have to sit down because it was too uncomfortable to wear for an interview or networking event. Always wear a nice, yet professional looking business attire that you can feel comfortable in.

For a great option that is both professional and stylish, pair a nice, but simple pair of jeans with a great looking blazer in an up-to-date colour. A printed, plaid, or checkered blazer can really make a great combination with a pair of professional pantsuit. You can also try a printed, corduroy blouse with a solid coloured, good fitting pair of pantsuit. These two great options can be paired together for a great look that still conveys professionalism. This combination is sure to impress any number of people.


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