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How to Improve the Skills of Low-Income Children

by Chethan G

Low Income Child Care is a program that aims at giving special attention to the kids of low income families. It was developed by the Department of Education and is meant for the first year
of schooling. A child care provider is assigned to a family and is responsible for the care of the children while they are in the care of the child care provider. The parents also get financial assistance for their child care expenses.

Low income families include single parents, single-headed households, divorced families, orphaned children and institutionalized children. All these children require special attention and
need extra care for their education. For low-income families, early childhood education, especially kindergarten, is considered as a prerequisite for higher learning. The cost of this education is highly dependent on the family income. This makes early childhood education a priority for low-income families. Most low-income families are financially distressed because of job loss and other economic factors. Some of them even go for a short stay in an orphanage and spend the money they have saved there.

Child care is done by registered child care providers (CCCPs). They are licensed by the state to provide proper education to the children. Most of the children with disabilities live in institutions
and rehabilitation centers. Many child care providers are not able to provide the services required by them. Hence, they make arrangements with government agencies for their child care services. Child care providers get monetary support from the government agencies. Most of the children are provided with free child care services.

Child care requires many specialized activities for the children to achieve their full potential. These activities include physical activities like swimming, playing sports, and taking part in
physical activities like arts and crafts. Reading material, music, and computer games are some of the other activities. These activities improve the skills and enhance the reading, writing, and
arithmetic skills of children. The educational requirements of children vary from one child to another. Some are more receptive to music while others prefer reading. Some may be very fond of sports and others may prefer art and crafts. In any case, these children require special care and attention to improve their learning capabilities.

Children are treated well in institutions and rehabilitation centers. Their environment is comfortable. In the orphanage, they are usually given a clean and safe home. They also receive
extra attention. The facilities of the orphanage will make the children feel that they are at home. Most of the facilities offer social programs for the children. They will receive extra attention from
the staff. This will help them to become socially active and develop good relationships with other children. For low-income families, it is important to educate their children at a young age. They will be able to cope with different situations and learn social norms at a much earlier age. Children from low income families often have problems in terms of their self-esteem and confidence. A child suffering from a disability will have more difficulties in facing different situations. It is important for the child to be provided with adequate support. Some of the common problems faced by children in low-income families are poor eating habits, lack of interest in studies, poor communication, and lack of social interaction. To encourage and nurture these children, the parents can set up a health club and a social program. These activities will promote healthy and well-being.

There are many organizations, which provide services for children from low income families. One such organization is the Children’s Aid Society, which provides medical assistance and educational opportunities for the needy children. Due to the poor economic conditions, many low-income families do not get the monetary support they need. But there are various government grants and social programs available. All you have to do is apply for them. In case of emergency, it is better to contact the local police station and ask for help for low income families. They are aware of various activities that can be organized to help people in need.

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