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Leadership Behaviors

by Jackson B
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Research has proven that there are some key leadership behaviors that all managers must learn and practice. These behaviors are rooted in recognizing and managing social-emotional responses to situational environments. And by cultivating them, good managers are able to build a team around themselves that’s more responsive, responsible, flexible, dynamic, proactive, and innovative.

“Leadership behaviors” are those which are developed from the leadership style of someone else. It may be something as simple as a nod or a smile. The point is that if we, as managers, consistently practice these behaviors, we will be able to impact our employees far better than we otherwise would. The reason is that employees are far more likely to buy into a particular idea, concept, or direction if they see it manifested in the behaviors of others within their workplace. It becomes more than just a nice leadership skill–it becomes an important part of who they are.

The most important leadership behaviors you need to understand are those of a great leader. Great leaders are natural leaders. They don’t try to be leaders. Instead, they view leadership as a natural occurrence in their business or profession. You can lead by example or by creating an environment where employees see clear guidelines for behavior and outcomes for doing so.

Great leadership behaviors will inspire trust, respect, and credibility in your team members. Employees will view the leader as knowledgeable and capable. They will also view him or her as a reliable advisor and friend. When you exhibit these behaviors on a regular basis, your employees will automatically begin to feel comfortable around you and they will be open to suggestions and ideas.

The second set of leadership behaviors that you must understand and practice if you want to become a highly effective leader are those of effective managers. Like leadership behaviors, effective managers are natural leaders as well. Their goal is not to simply be “the best,” but to do so with an attitude of gratitude to their employees. They view themselves as teachers rather than merely managers. You can enhance your leadership skills as a manager by taking a leadership development class.

When you consider leadership behaviors and qualities, remember that you can develop your skills and become an even better leader while also improving on the first two sets of behaviors. Remember that you are the CEO and you have many different responsibilities. You must make sure that you are meeting each of your organizational leadership qualities and traits. This may take time and effort. In the meantime, however, make sure that you are always looking out for your team members’ needs.

Great leaders understand how to take charge of their organizations. Effective managers take charge of their teams and their departments. This is because they have mastered leadership behaviors and qualities. They know how to communicate what their organizational vision is to all of their staff members. They also know how to provide objective feedback to their team members.

By following leadership development courses, you can hone in on these leadership behaviors and qualities. You will be able to determine which ones you need to modify. As a leader, you should never take responsibility for the actions or the performance of your staff. As long as you exercise your leadership qualities, your staff will look up to you for guidance and respect.

Another key aspect to help you in creating a positive work environment is learning how to avoid or quit toxic leadership behaviors. One of the biggest challenges that you and your employees will face is when your toxic leadership behaviors become too pervasive. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to please your managers and your co-workers.

Unfortunately, this will only keep you in a leadership crisis mode. On the other hand, you can avoid a leadership challenge by creating an environment where everyone feels welcome to speak up and to contribute to the company. It doesn’t matter whether you are a superstar manager or just another employee. If you don’t treat everyone with respect, you will end up with a difficult boss who treats his employees badly. This won’t create the kind of positive leadership climates that you want to create.

You may be surprised to learn that most managers are not good at managing themselves. That’s because it’s difficult for most people to develop leadership skills when they are dealing with someone else all the time. It’s also extremely difficult for managers to learn new behavioral skills when their old leadership behaviors aren’t changing. The best way to avoid a leadership crisis is to create an environment where your employees will be challenged to use their new skills to lead the business instead of just following the leader.

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