According to the latest research by telecommunications provider, TextAnywhere, Gen Z are the quickest generation ever to type out a text message.

The survey quizzed 1,000 Brits from all different age groups about their texting habits, asking, on average, how much time it takes to write out an SMS or Whatsapp message.

The data has shown that for 18-24-year-olds, texting must be their native language, with more than two-fifths (42%) taking as little as 1-10 seconds to type a message.

In comparison, the research has revealed that older generations are noticeably slower with their phones, with a shy 14% of 45-54-year-olds being able to write a text in the equivalent time (1-10 seconds). Adding to this, over 25s take an average of 10-30 seconds to write a text message – which is fast, but still no competition for Gen Z!

Gen Z have perfected the art of speed-texting, and let’s face it – many have witnessed the tactics employed by older generations which could explain their slower pace (the use of a single finger to type springs to mind).

James Bosley, Marketing Manager at TextAnywhere comments: “Gen Z are the first generation to date who have grown up surrounded by mobile phones and other electronic devices, often handed digital screens to tap on and play with from a very young age.”

“Texting has become one of the most popular methods of communication in today’s world, with people texting well over 6 million words during the course of their lifetime. It’s more important than ever to be contactable, and being able to respond quickly to a message is key in this – for modern technology has made people impatient and unwilling to wait too long for a reply. For this reason, Gen Z has a lot to teach their elders about texting and mobile usage in general to help them stay up-to-date and informed.”

As a whole, the study has shown that Brits are pretty quick with their texts – for nearly half of mobile users spend no more than 30 seconds writing out a text message, and only 10% admitted to taking longer than a minute.

For a look at the full research, see here.

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