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Recognizing Leadership Weaknesses

by Jackson B

Leadership weaknesses are often characteristics that an individual leader may possess which can often lead to poor relationships and negative action in the work place. Common traits such as being too critical of their own teams or a lack of confidence in their own teams can be viewed as leadership weaknesses. These leaders need to recognise the problems and develop solutions and ways to improve their leadership skills in order to strengthen their departments and teams.

However, there are many leadership weaknesses that are also inherent in every leader and require strong leaders to counter them. The truth is that no one can be perfect and even the strongest and most trained leaders are prone to making mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be disastrous for the individual in a leadership position and can lead to the downfall of the organisation. Leaders must therefore learn from their mistakes and take steps to prevent the same situation from occurring again.

One of the most common leadership weaknesses is micromanaging. If a manager is micromanaging and dictating everything that should be done then they are likely to oversee everything themselves and will never find out whether the process is working or not. It is important for a manager to allow their team to run the processes that they are used to operating so that they can learn new things and adjust to them easily. A leader must therefore learn how to delegate tasks so that they are not micromanaging but are actually delegating responsibilities so that each member is aware of what is happening and helping to make sure that progress is being made.

Another leadership weakness is in the ability to create and foster good relationships. Good relationships with employees are vital in order for an organisation to grow and prosper and if this is not achieved then employees are unlikely to stay with an organisation for long enough to profit. If a manager allows their employees to become distant and do nothing with them then they are likely to suffer the same leadership weaknesses as a manager that does not foster strong relationships.

There are also leadership weaknesses in many managers that are caused by the personality traits of the leaders themselves. Some people are very confident and do not like to acknowledge that they might make mistakes which causes them to not take full advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. Other types of managers are very self-confident yet are terrible team builders and do not offer praise to other employees. If you think that you are one of these types of managers then you are likely to have a lot of leadership issues that need to be worked on.

If you notice that your team members are not receiving enough praise from you, then it could be a sign of leadership weaknesses in your department. However there are other factors that will determine the amount of appreciation from you that your team members are receiving. If you give praise where it is not due and seek to make up for it later then you are not really doing your team members any favours. In order to truly understand and improve upon your leadership weaknesses you need to spend time observing your employees and how you interact with each other. This can be very difficult as it can take time for others to see things from your point of view, however it is extremely important to understand and know what is going on within your department.

It is also important to understand what the leadership weaknesses of your company are so that you can try and fix them. For example some companies may only reward their top performers and will not pay their employees for their work. This is a weak leader in terms of rewarding team effort because the employee may feel that he or she is not being recognized for the hard work that they do. You will be much more effective if you are a strong believer of rewarding employees for their work when they reach specific goals within the company.

It is important to recognise leadership weaknesses in order to build leadership. The best way to do this is to start with yourself because only you have the ability to develop these skills. You have to set the example by leading by example. By surrounding yourself with other leaders that possess the same strengths and weaknesses as you do you will begin to learn more about yourself. As you become better able to lead you will be able to take on more responsibility and increase your chances of success.


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