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Smart Business Casual Pants

by Jackson B

Business casual is a term increasingly used to describe a number of workplace fashions. It is generally accepted that business attire needs to be in keeping with the business environment and be in compliance with local employment laws. At the same time, however, business casual is not a black and white rule allowing employers to get away with practically any outfit. That said, even with these restrictions, the business casual attire still remains a bit elusive concept offering in its totality very little guidance. For instance, it is difficult to know what is considered business casual when it comes to business casual suits, jackets, slacks, business attire, and other office attire.

When it comes down to it, a business casual style is really no different from any other wardrobe. What makes it unique, however, is that it tends to be much less rigid than the business professional wear worn by most employees. That being said, a wardrobe is probably the least rigid when it comes to choosing a particular casual workplace style. The best way to find the best casual workplace attire for you is to plan your wardrobe in advance.

In order to get a clear picture of what business casual means, it is necessary to understand what types of outfits are considered casual Fridays and which ones are considered business attire. Regular Friday’s wear are usually dark coloured suits with white shirt or blouse. A good example would be a dark coloured suit with a white shirt and a black chino or skirt. For some reason, this form of ensemble always makes for a lot of fun. It has something to do with the image of the Italian stallion that’s known for bringing luck to all who traverses his path.

For more formal occasions, you can dress down but still look sharp with some simple accessories. One of the best ways to keep your look smart-casual is to pair a nice pair of jeans, a white or red blouse, a nice scarf and of course, your shoes. An example of a great outfit for going out and about the city would be to wear a dark coloured jeans, a light coloured top and some skinny jeans. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you have your office shoes on, of course!

During the daytime, business-casual attire can consist of jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer and a stylish leather jacket. In addition to keeping your look smart-casual, you will also want to ensure that you dress according to the time of day. If the temperature is very hot, you may want to avoid wearing any sort of clothing. A good rule of thumb would be to wear a jacket in the evenings and in cooler weather, you can opt for a long-sleeved shirt.

You can also break up the worker attire to make it more dressier. For instance, you can add a blazer to your work trousers or you could put on a vest over your jeans and a blazer or a vest and trousers. These are just some of many great ways to dressier your pants. Of course, always make sure to have your formal shoes on before you leave work.

When it comes to smart-casual work wear, there are a lot of options. One of the best ways to keep your look smart-casual is to wear tailored trousers and a smart-style shirt with a tie that’s in your work wardrobe. Men can pull off this look quite easily by wearing a blazer over their tailored trousers. Another great option for men is to wear a patterned shirt over their jeans. Of course, the classic white or black shirt is always an option as well, but with all the different colours and patterns available in the market today, you really have plenty of choice.

With business casual pants being such a broad category, it can be pretty tough to figure out what outfit you should go with. The key to making any outfit fall into the business casual category is to think about the colour and the style of your clothes first. If you are not 100% sure about whether a particular pair of jeans or chinos or even a sweater or jumper will work, then leave it to the last minute. If you put together an outfit that’s stylish but still follows the no-nonsense rules of business casual, then you’re sure to get plenty of looks with your uniform.

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