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Standard Business Card Sizes

by Jackson B
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There are plenty of benefits to custom printing business card size. While most companies do not think about the size until they need a certain size or are having trouble creating something special, there are a number of benefits to knowing exactly what you need before you order. You may find out that there is a limit to the dimensions that will be suitable for your product before you place an order. Knowing the limits ensures that you will not be stuck with cards that are too small, too large, or in the wrong format.

The bleed zone should be obvious. This refers to the space directly around the product’s image. If you are not going to include black borders, then the bleed space is unnecessary, so ensure the print size is the full page size, 3.5 inches by 2 inches. If you are designing an upright business card, then the maximum size that is possible is a total of five millimeters, which is just under one inch. If you are designing a landscape card, then the scale is again three millimeters by two inches.

Your final option is the white border. While it can be used for printing business cards, it is also available for many other items. It should be noted that this option should be used with extreme caution, as people are very sensitive about the borders around items like pens and pencils. If you have sensitive equipment, then this option should not be used.

Your final option is the actual size of the business card. To create the cards, you will need to work within the set sizes that you have previously chosen, which are based on your business needs. This should be done in accordance with the dimensions of the most popular dimensions used, which are standard width x long length. However, if you have a smaller set size, then your images will look too large. To create the exact numbers, you will need to add sixteen millimetres to the actual size of the cards.

The next option is to select the x-sized business card size. This is the largest possible business card size, which uses the actual size of the computer screen. There is an option of selecting a larger size if it is required, which will provide more space to write. The actual size can be anywhere from seven to twenty-two inches, which will be divided by the actual width. If you are using fonts larger than normal, then this can make the layout look too crowded and can cause the layout to collapse into an ugly jumble.

The next option to consider is the printing option. You can opt for either full-color printing, or either matte finished or gloss finish, which provides a choice of different colours to incorporate with your business cards. There is an option of creating business cards with embossed edges or ridged corners. You will also find various different text and image options to create the best cards to suit your needs.

If you need the most compact business card size, then the option to choose is the standard dimensions. This is the industry standard dimension used in most companies and is measured by Width x Depth, which is measured in inches. This option is very handy as it allows you to produce very thin business cards, which can be handy if you want to meet clients face to face. However, this option can be hard to read if you have to make a lot of changes to the layout.

If you need a larger business cards business card size guide, then you need to look at the next dimension which is called Preferred Thickness, which is basically the thickness of the card. This measurement is in millimeters, which is usually in between half an inch and one inch. However, it depends on the choice of card you are using. This option is useful as it allows you to experiment with different thicknesses and see which one provides you with the best result.

Next is the size business card, which is the next dimension. This dimension is in inches, and is normally in between ten and twenty-two millimeters. It is useful as contact information holders but is not usually used for placing images or logos. It is used mostly for writing email addresses and phone numbers. This dimension can be helpful when making business cards of different sizes, as it gives you the freedom of choosing the best one that suits you.

You also have the option of choosing between square and rectangular business cards. The first one is popular because it looks modern. The second is more traditional and looks very elegant. But if you are looking for something in between, then you will be able to choose from the rectangular shape. As mentioned earlier, this option is smaller than the square one, which is very convenient to use for most business cards.

Lastly, you can consider the other three standard sizes for business cards. These are the business card width, which are in inches; the business card height, which are between seven and ten millimeters; and the business card length, which are between twenty-five and thirty-five millimeters. The first one is perfect for using your computer and the second one fits perfectly for your hand. The last option is for those who prefer to write on the cards with their pen. These dimensions are available as well, but the most common dimensions are already mentioned above. The advantage of choosing these standard sizes is that they can always be adapted to fit the requirements of whatever purpose your business card is meant for.

Standard business cards have been the most common contact information since the early days of the telephone and it has become a part of business etiquette to use standard sizes. Although you may find some exceptions when it comes to business cards, there are many businesses out there that still prefer using these standard sizes because of its convenience. All you need to do to change the dimensions is to get a new card or simply insert an enlarged image on the current card and give it a flip. It is a lot easier than dealing with so many different sizes that you may not have enough time to switch your contact information.

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