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The Principles of Effective Leadership

by Chethan G

How successful leaders think is an important question and one which is generally overlooked. It’s also a subject that is often not taken as seriously as it should be. The purpose of this article is to address the issue of leadership thinking in order to help you achieve better results. It will also show you how to use this thinking to improve your performance and bring about more success.

Purpose Leadership is an activity or practice designed to achieve a set goal. Often a leader has a specific mission. To define a strategy for developing successful solutions to complex problems, it’s necessary to describe an approach to action. Design/methodology /approach – describes the approach a leader takes to arrive at a solution. These will include the resources used, the approach taken to achieve the solution, the impact of the approach and the cost of implementation.

These four items should cover the basic elements of successful solutions; the problem and the solution. In order to be successful, you must first identify the problem and then develop a viable strategy for addressing the problem

How successful strategies are created depends on the resources available. Some successful strategies may include a mix of strategic thinking and creative thinking. Often it will be necessary to combine these two approaches in order to find the most effective strategy.

Creative thinking is the process by which a problem is examined and thought through creatively. Once this creative thinking process has been completed, the strategy for tackling the problem can be developed. Often creative thinking is considered separate from the strategic thinking process because creativity is also needed to make creative solutions.

Another approach that can be used to come up with a successful strategy is analysis. Analysis will involve looking at the existing structure of the organisation and how it is functioning. It will also involve looking at the organisational culture of the organisation. The analysis should then be able to identify any problems that exist within the organisation and what can be done to overcome them. This will include identifying areas of the organisation where the organisation is performing less than optimum.

Strategic thinking involves looking at the strengths of the organisation. The strengths of an organisation may be seen as its ability to adapt to change. It may be able to meet a particular need or a situation which has arisen and may even be able to meet the needs of some other organisations which are having a different requirement. The weaknesses may be seen as the organisational culture of the organisation and the culture of the organisation may be considered as the organisational culture of the individual member.

In addition to looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, successful strategies can also look at the opportunities which exist. This may involve looking at the ways in which the organisation can adapt to the changes and opportunities that may arise.

Strategic thinking will also involve developing the strategic mindset of the organisation. A strategic mindset is one which has a set of rules and regulations which will help the organisation to stay on track. The strategic mindset will help the organisation to ensure that it has a set of rules, regulations and policies which will enable it to become successful.

Strategic thinking requires a high degree of creativity and analytical skills. It also requires good communication skills. In order to be effective at this process, it is often necessary to use multiple techniques and multiple methods of communication. The communication methods which are used may include writing, visual aids, presentations, video, and audio.

Successful strategies can be developed by developing a combination of both strategic thinking and analysis. It may also require using the different approaches in conjunction with each other to come up with the most effective solution to a particular situation.

It may also be helpful to consider how successful leaders think about how successful leadership works. They will realise that they need to use multiple tools to come up with the best possible solutions.

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