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Types Of Business Cards

by Jackson B
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Business cards are simple cards bearing business details about an individual or a business. They are usually shared during official introductions as a remembrance and a convenience. A business card usually contains the contact details of the giver with an identification number, business or organization affiliation (usually without a logo) and its address. It is used to make introductions between people who have no prior relationship with each other. It can also be used for networking and advertising purposes.

These days, business cards come in many designs and formats, so many that it has become difficult to choose one. But the basic elements remain unchanged: a simple card with contact information on one side and a graphic on the reverse side. They are often laminated with a protective coating to ensure durability and to increase their longevity. Business cards are mostly used for official communication, especially in formal business meetings and conferences. These cards are given to members of an organization for recognition, induction, initiation, and induction into its ranks.

In business cards, there are usually four types of design options – full color printers, offset printers, die cut, and spot colors. Full color printers reproduce the image as seen on the white paper through laser technology. This option is very attractive to business cards, which have vibrant colors. Some full-color business cards have silver or gold accents to make them more appealing to the eye.

The offset printer cuts the design into the outline and places it on the card stock using a metal nib. It usually uses colored ink to reproduce the image as seen on the paper. This option is suitable for low-resolution images such as logos and names. Although expensive, full-color cards can be produced if they are printed on premium card stock using the best offset printing methods.

Die cut or quarter-sized business cards make a small business appear larger. Shapes like circles, squares, hexagons, and ovals are popular with artists who design them. They can also be bought pre-cut and designed using business card software. Business cards made with die cutting technology retain the smooth edges of the original image. They look more professional than pre-cut business cards and are more expensive.

Hexagon and oval shaped contact information are the most common shape for a business card. Most card shaped like this have one or two rounded corners. Rectangular business cards have round corners and have vertical lines. Most logo business cards have square corners with a sharp cut in the corners. Business cards with rounded corners are very common. They are also ideal for businesses with large contact information.

All the types of business cards made have different benefits and drawbacks. Some are used for networking and meeting clients and prospects face to face. Card made with perfect printing and perfect design technology can be given to clients for their personal use. The other type of business card is used for official business purposes only. For formal business gatherings using business card software, it is essential to choose the correct type of business card stock with the appropriate design and logo.

It is vital for small businesses to keep a good image in the market. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites on the internet, it has become easier to find customers and clients from far off places. Small business credit cards can help small businesses to advertise their products and services in an effective manner. It is easy to create an online presence for small businesses with the help of business credit cards. It is also beneficial for small businesses for purchases and sales with the help of business credit cards.

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