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Using a Bank Statement Template to Make Monthly Statements

by Jackson B

A bank statement is a detailed, official summary of all financial transactions taking place in a given financial year for every individual or company with a bank account. It lists personal bank transactions as well as those involving the business. It is an important document that will allow the individual or business to track income and expenses accurately each year. It can also be used to get tax deductions and provide a record of late payments, if any. Bank statements are more reliable than annual return forms as they more accurately represent financial activity.

This kind of document is available in two formats: the current bank statement and the last 6 months statement from the financial institution. Each format carries different information and requires different formats. The choice between these two should depend on the individual or organization’s needs. Each format is better at depicting and representing a particular financial institution’s finances. Each also provides a better overall picture of the individual’s or business’ finances.

One of the major advantages of using a paperless bank statement template is the lack of paper. Paperless transactions reduce waste and fraud because there is no longer a need to print check stubs or receipts as proof of a transaction. The amount of paperwork required reduces dramatically. Most people do not realize how easy it is to avoid making financial errors by using a template designed to avoid such mistakes.

Another advantage of utilizing bank statements online for tax purposes is the much lower cost of using this service. Online banking provides significantly less expensive services than most local banks because it does not require much in the way of overhead or security purposes. Using an online statement generator simplifies the generation of the paperwork and allows one to access it quickly and easily. Even individuals who are native computer users can navigate the documents with relative ease and save much more time than would otherwise be required to produce and print out their own bank statements.

Another advantage is that online banking account holders benefit from increased security. Since the information regarding transactions can be accessed from anywhere, security concerns about bank statements have become much less pressing in recent times. Identity theft concerns are much less of a problem for those using online banking accounts, which means that the costs of identity theft protection have been substantially reduced as well.

By utilizing a bank statement template, individuals will save a great deal of time when preparing their financial records. They do not have to worry about making the necessary calculations regarding deposits and withdrawals. They can simply download an appropriate template, enter the relevant information regarding bank transactions that they would like to document and then print out the documents when they are ready.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a bank statement template to prepare one’s records. Individuals need to remember that the time period for which the records are kept may not necessarily be the same as the time period in which the transaction occurred. If a check is written after a certain amount of time has passed, the bank statement template may no longer contain the information that the individual needs to add to the record. Also, there may be an expiration date on the data entered into the template. If the check is written at a later date, the transactions recorded must match the template.

When it comes to calculating bank overdrafts, individuals should take the amount of the overdraft and multiply it by the number of days in the current billing cycle. This number is the standard bank overdraft length. Individuals who use bank statement templates to record monthly statements must be sure that the numbers in the template match the amounts in their bank accounts. Otherwise, the bank may reprogram them to match the bank statement period, which would defeat the purpose of including them in the bank statement in the first place.

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