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What Does an Ecommerce Manager Do?

by Jackson B
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A general ecommerce manager will usually oversee the whole ecommerce department, depending on the size of the company. General duties will consist of website creation, budgeting, marketing, surveying and analyzing new recruits, overseeing the commerce department, and presenting final project designs to higher management. Any large corporation with an internet presence will most likely hire an ecommerce manager for its marketing strategy.

In some smaller companies, the ecommerce manager will have a more specialized title, such as vice president of marketing. This individual will oversee a smaller team, consisting of designers, developers, marketers, and analytics specialists. Each member of this team has a specific responsibility within the company. The manager will determine which products and services to promote, how to optimize the website, and what tactics are necessary to convert site visitors into customers. Everything must be done in a manner that increases overall visibility, while reducing overall costs. A good ecommerce manager will keep track of all metrics, such as profit margins and customer satisfaction.

In larger organizations, there will be a single ecommerce manager for each department. The head of marketing may have a separate team responsible for SEO, marketing, social media, PPC, Ecommerce, etc. The goal of each team is to create the highest return on investment possible while still meeting budget requirements. A good SEO ecommerce manager will ensure that content is optimized for search engines, web visitors, and incoming links. Additionally, he or she will create marketing campaigns based on keywords. This person will be involved in all facets of website development and marketing.

For smaller companies without a web development team, the ecommerce manager will be responsible for implementing marketing strategies. He or she will make sure that the marketing plans are updated according to changes in the market and new trends. The marketing manager will create advertising campaigns and will make sure that they are efficient and cost effective. The responsibilities of this person may include creating ad campaigns, email campaigns, promotional campaigns, and websites. It is important for companies to hire an SEO marketing specialist for their websites, because not everyone is proficient at using Google AdWords and other online marketing strategies.

Some of the duties of ecommerce managers include customer support, designing customer menus, providing advice on buying decisions, and assisting with payment processing. A customer support specialist monitors accounts and answers questions that customers have about ordering, shipping, refunds, and returns. Designing customer menus ensure that customers can easily locate items, navigate through products, and select which departments they want to work with. A good SEO specialist will oversee website layout and design. He or she will implement various strategies to increase traffic to the website.

While there are many aspects of website development that are left up to the SEO specialist, the SEO marketing manager will also oversee website creation and online advertisements. The duties of an SEO marketing manager may include creating ad campaigns, email campaigns, store locations, and pay per click programs. The ecommerce manager will oversee all aspects of the store and will monitor activity and compare customer reviews to make adjustments as needed. There is a big difference between hiring a consultant and hiring an ecommerce strategy specialist. Consultants will sit with you to discuss your business needs, help you draw up your business plan, and tell you what options you have to get your product to market. They will not oversee the day to day operations of your company, but they will provide you with insight and give you their advice.

If you have a passion for internet marketing, then you may be well suited for this job. You will have to be skilled at strategic internet placement, search engine optimization, link building, website design and development, and advertising. An ecommerce manager must have excellent writing skills and be able to promote your company online. Your job description will also state that you will be required to submit marketing materials on a regular basis. A lot of work is spent communicating with prospects and customers. This means that if you enjoy speaking to people, then you may be an excellent candidate for this position.

Ecommerce marketing managers are in high demand and are usually very well paid. If you have a desire to work on the side for a large online retailer or ecommerce company, then you may want to consider applying for this job. Most ecommerce companies prefer to hire ecommerce specialists that already have a background and understanding of the products that they sell. However, even those companies that do not have this requirement may require you to be extremely organized and have a sincere desire to help them succeed online.

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