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What Is An HR Generalist?

by Jackson B

What is an HR generalist? That is a question that can seem impossible to answer given the many different titles that are routinely used in the workplace. There are of course the entry level positions, ranging from receptionist to management itself. But what about those in more senior positions? Are there any titles that best describe what they do?

Usually when someone needs to make an appointment with the boss or another higher-up, they bring along their best employee. In order to get the job done properly, it is important that the person with the title understands exactly what is expected of them. This is why it is often helpful to have an HR generalist in place. They have been specifically trained to be able to provide the best service possible.

Some people think that the term “HR” simply stands for “Human Resource.” This is not entirely accurate. Human resources (HR) actually encompasses a wide array of responsibilities. The best HR individuals are not always the highest paid, but rather the ones who are able to put together the best team possible to do the best possible job. They know how to handle all aspects of running an organization from a corporate standpoint down to the daily operations at hand.

So what is an HR generalist really doing? More than you probably think! They are responsible for managing and scheduling appointments for clients, staff, and visiting clients as needed. They may also be asked to ensure that appropriate paperwork is available, file any paperwork that needs to be shared among different departments, and set up one-on-one consultations with various employees, clients, and business owners. If this seems like too much work for one person to handle, then another well-trained specialist should be called in.

Generally speaking, they are hired for their ability to work effectively as a team. Their role is to provide sound business judgment as it relates to the best use of resources for maximum benefit to all parties. Some may be involved in training sessions or providing workshops on ways to improve customer service, while others are responsible for implementing changes and keeping things moving forward. They may need to work closely with Finance, accounting, and HR to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that everybody is moving towards the same goal. It really depends upon the situation, but generally speaking, the HR generalist is the go-to person in the department that deals with a variety of tasks.

If you are interested in what is an HR generalist, keep in mind that they are usually hired from within the company for a specific position. This means that they are familiar with the workings of the organization and what its leaders and managers are looking for in their employees. As a result, if you are looking for a generalist, then your best bet may be to find a recruiting firm that specializes in helping companies find good HR generalists.

Recruiting firms have the benefit of working with many different employers, so they have many leads on the best people to hire. The best part about using a recruiting firm is that you can get what is an HR generalist without spending too much money on training. Because these professionals already know how to do the job, they will usually come highly recommended by their current employers and they will come with a lot of recommendations that they have made to them.

It may take some getting used to, but it will be worth it. If you are struggling to understand what HR generalists do, then you may want to consider taking a class or watching a video about the job. There are many sources online that can help you learn what is an HR generalist, so you will not have to spend too much time researching for the information you need.


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