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What is Business Casual for Men?

by Jackson B

What is business casual for men? It can be quite confusing, especially since there are so many definitions and opinions on the matter. Generally, business casual consists of dressing less formally than you would in most situations. You may dress casually in a business suit, but not in a boardroom meeting or on the factory floor. Generally, business casual does not mean dressing down from an ordinary business suit; rather, business casual simply is dressing appropriately from a business suit.

So, how do you know when you’re not wearing the best suit or dress in the best possible way? The best way is to know what is business casual for men and make sure that you dress according to that. Here are some examples:

Dressing down in a business casual manner is perfectly acceptable if you’re just going to a conference or similar business event. Even though you don’t have to dress formally, that doesn’t mean you have to dress slacks and a button-down shirt. Remember that the goal is to appear well-put together and professional. That means you don’t have to dress down to the level of business casual. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to show up to your job interviews (or even a job interview in general) wearing your sports jersey and playing basketball with your buddies on the side.

One example of a casual item that is appropriate for a job interview is a dress shirt with a simple tie. Yes, you still need to dress down, but you don’t have to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Consider wearing a dress shirt with a simple, plain, color-coordinated tie in the colors of your company (if you currently work for a corporation, make sure they are the same color as your shirts and that they are in the same family). This can be extremely dressy or casual, depending upon your particular company’s policy.

For a more dressy or casual outfit, consider wearing khakis, dress shoes, and a nice sweater. You can also layer your pants or a blazer over these items. You don’t have to wear a suit, but you do need to dress up in a way that says, “I’m a professional business person.” What is business casual for men is a good opportunity to not only dress in business attire, but also to wear a nice dress shirt with a nice necktie (for the job interview, at least), dress shoes, and a nice sweater. Again, it all depends upon your employer’s dress code policy.

The key to a business casual look is to remember that a business suit isn’t always necessary; in fact, it’s often considered a poor fashion choice for many jobs. If you’re going to a job interview with someone important, a simple pair of jeans, a jacket, and a tie is often just enough to say, “I’m a professional business person.” And if you’re out on the town with a date, a nice dress shirt with a nice necktie is a great combination to make some heads turn.

When you’re considering what is business casual for men, one of the best options is to invest in a nice dress shirt with a good necktie collar and a clean-cut matching or contrasting pocket square. The key is to keep the look simple, but elegant. A nice basic white or gray blazer is always a great choice and works well with a number of different shirts, trousers, and jackets. Your blazer doesn’t have to be one of the smarter choices, however. A solid colored, wool blazer works just as well.

When you’re planning what is business casual for men during the weekdays, you want to choose an outfit that is more versatile. You could forgo a shirt and tie, or choose a lighter colored jacket or blazer. You could also opt for a dressier looking shirt, or perhaps a dress shirt with a jacket, not pairing the sporty jeans with a dress shirt will work just as well. Or you could go all out and wear a t-shirt and jeans, along with a leather jacket, and a tie. The choice is yours, but the point is to keep your outfit easy on the eyes, and functional for the day.


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