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What Is Business Development?

by Jackson B

Business development involves processes and tasks to effectively develop and implement economic growth opportunities in both markets and between markets. It’s a subset of these fields of organizational theory, business and commerce. Business development is often confused with business planning, which is the process of organizing and managing a company. While there are similarities, they are not the same.

A business development is an organization’s strategy that facilitates its long term viability. These strategies must address the overall goals of the company including short and long term operational objectives and specific market or niche needs. A business developer can assess a company’s needs and develop the appropriate strategy. Once that strategy is developed, it goes through a series of assessments that identify any impediments to success, the necessary strategic transition, and the resources needed to move the plan successfully.

Strategic partnership identifies and supports strategic alliances. Strategic partnerships are relationships involving companies with complementary expertise, products or services and the ability to perform key functions such as sales,Digital  marketing, technology, financial management and other key business development activities. The alliance facilitates and aligns the actions of the companies by working together on a common set of missions and practices. This facilitates business development strategies and enables the companies to work together for the benefit of their respective clients.

What is business development involves developing and executing plans. In developing business development strategies, the primary focus is the achievement of organizational and financial goals through effective and efficient planning and execution. This planning must include a definition of the client’s needs, which can be defined according to their current and future market position. A business developer then analyzes the current circumstances and future prospects of the client in order to establish the most suitable plans, which are aligned with the clients’ needs, budgets and skills needed. The developer further implements the plans, monitoring and controlling implementation to ensure that the strategies are effective and working successfully.

What is business development involves the development of strong sales teams. These teams are responsible for the growth and success of the company. The sales representatives have the critical responsibility of building the company’s revenue by making sales. Successful business development enables the sales team to acquire new customers, motivate existing customers to buy more from the company and close deals for growth purposes.

What is business development includes sales and marketing operations. It also involves product management, procurement, merchandising, quality control, resale and related processes. A thorough understanding of these processes is essential for organizations, especially those in which product management, procurement and merchandising play crucial roles.

What is business development is also involved in project management. When implemented, it helps in managing different types of projects, including initiation, execution, monitoring, evaluation and closure of a project. Successful project management involves planning, organizing, controlling and closing projects. The project manager ensures that objectives are achieved, staff resources are conserved and all necessary approvals and documentation are fulfilled.

What is business development includes establishing long-term value by making investments in people and in processes. These investments create jobs, enhance productivity, provide competitive advantages and lead to significant returns. It facilitates efficiency and promotes loyalty among the team members.

What is business development includes leveraging the most appropriate tools for the given situation, including technology, people, process and information. These tools are used to coordinate marketing, selling, production and distribution. Project management, outsourcing, product management and procurement play key roles in providing solutions to organizational needs. Other important topics include business development strategies, globalization trends, and methods for the creation of new jobs, new processes and new products.

What is business development includes establishment of strategic partnerships, growth of joint ventures, and creation of new market opportunities. Strategic partnerships allow two or more companies to work together on the same problem. They also help solve problems, integrate technologies and share resources. Growth of joint ventures allows two or more companies to become involved in activities not related to their core competency.

What is business development focuses on skills needed to become successful in today’s marketplace. Those who seek this field are usually those with a bachelor’s degree. There are many career options available for those who choose to pursue a higher education. In recent years, business development professionals have begun pursuing higher education degrees. Many enterprising individuals with these skills have gone on to become very successful in their own businesses.


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