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80% of employees do not know if they have mental health support at work  

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Despite rising numbers of mental health conditions, less than one in five employees know of EAP, according to a new survey 

London, May 9, 2022 –  Over  80% of people are currently unaware or do not know if they have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) at work. The 2,000-person survey conducted by Plumm, a workplace mental wellbeing solution, reveals the pressing need for better education around mental health in the workplace. 

Though many organisations currently offer mental health support, such as EAP, the service is obsolete if less than one in five (17%) employees are aware of it.   

 Additionally, the survey found that only one in ten (9%) use it, despite the government’s

predictions that one in six experience a mental health condition, such as anxiety and depression, every week. Ultimately meaning millions of people across the UK are not accessing the mental health care they need.  

By offering preventative, interventive, and personal growth mental wellbeing services that are readily available and easy to use, Plumm’s mission is to encourage employees to access support long before reaching a crisis point. In turn, reducing the numbers of people needing interventive care and potentially time off work, benefiting businesses as well as individuals using the service. 

Asim Amin, Founder and CEO of Plumm, says: “We’re living through ‘the great resignation’ and people expect more from their employers. Mental health conditions are increasing, with an ever-rising number of people needing support. Organisations need to prioritise their people to safeguard those working for them, after all, the people are the most important part of a business.”

He adds: “Mental health services can be expensive, and for many, this stops them from seeking help. If organisations offer accessible mental wellbeing support, cost free to the end-user, there’s an opportunity to change the rapid growth in mental health conditions, and over time, even prevent them from arising.” 

With the release of its new mobile app in addition to the existing Slack and Microsoft Teams apps, Plumm’s global customers, including Itsu, Farfetch, and DHL, can now offer mental wellbeing support to its employees inside and outside of work, on and off work devices, making therapy as easy as swiping to unlock.  

About Plumm 

Plumm is a workplace mental wellbeing solution that partners with progressive organisations to help build a more compassionate and productive workforce. Plumm’s

 mission is to make mental wellbeing a reality for every member of the global workforce. With over 150 accredited therapists and specialised coaches, Plumm offers employees evidence-based care tailored to their needs while helping companies save money in engagement and healthcare costs. 

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