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Advertising in Digital Magazines

by Jackson B

Advertising in digital magazines is one of the most diverse and lucrative venues for businesses of all sizes. From digital editions to online social networks to mobile applications, digital magazines are exploring all manner of ways to give advertisers new opportunities to reach current and potential audiences, just like they do in print. But unlike traditional magazines, the medium requires a highly developed ability to think creatively about marketing and promotion. Here are some of the basic principles you need to consider when creating your digital magazine.

As with any other form of digital publishing, advertising in digital magazines should be targeted at highly-targeted audiences. Your ads must be both appealing and informative to readers. Design a layout that draws readers in, and ask smart questions that will get to the core of your target audience. For example, let’s say that you are publishing an issue of an auto repair manual on the topic of fixing a front bumper wiper. Your ad would entail solutions to common wiper problems, as well as recommendations for more specific situations. This will ensure that your readers are interested in your newsletter, rather than just people who need to fix a wiper.

If you are not aiming for a highly-targeted audience, then you may want to stick with traditional print advertising models and focus on a percent versus a dollar figure or whatever other common denominator you can use. One thing that many digital publishers forget, however, is that they must cater to both types of readers: those who buy digital editions, and those who prefer to read print. A good way to achieve this is to split your readers into sub categories and target them accordingly. Whether you choose to advertise by categories (i.e., motorcycle enthusiasts versus drivers of all vehicles), or by geography (i.e., commuters in certain areas versus those living in luxury bubbles), there are ways to effectively target readers in order to reach the right audience with the right message.

Of course, in any type of advertising, location is still critical. No matter what you do, you cannot advertise when nobody reads your magazines! This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most people simply don’t have access to the same content across all publications. Fortunately, there are various solutions to this problem, ranging from simple content distribution to more involved endeavors such as editorial content. Whatever you decide on, be sure to test various options to ensure you’re getting the desired effect.

The key to successful digital magazine readers is content. The best way to ensure that your content stands out above the rest is to specialize in a particular subject and create original content. Many advertising specialists will tell you that the best advertising is word-of-mouth advertising, created specifically for digital magazines. If you have an engaging personality and a great sense of humor, many of these readers are likely already interested in the topics you are writing about. By taking advantage of this, you can assure that your advertising is reaching the right audience at the right time.

Another great way to target digital magazines is to choose a format that allows you to place your ads where readers tend to spend the most time. Most newspapers and magazines allow their readers to simply click an ad off of the table, but there are few formats that make this so simple. Because newspapers and magazines are often printed in hard copy and delivered to the reader in envelopes, they are often left sitting out in the open for anyone to see. Advertisers who are looking to target this type of audience are going to need to take advantage of this fact.

Because the content is available online for digital magazines, you may not even need a website for your business. Most advertising companies offer a free online advertising service that lets you place ads on selected web pages. This gives you a much more affordable opportunity to reach potential customers, as well as allowing you to post ads virtually anywhere. Webpages like local business listings, local classified ads, and travel related sites are all places that can benefit from advertising – especially if you have a blog that is consistently updated with new information about your company, products, and services.

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Advertising in Digital Magazines gives businesses a unique opportunity to interact with their customers in an engaging way. While there are certainly other forms of advertising that you can use for your business, no other medium allows you to create an intimate connection with your customers. The special features that digital content offers make it unlike any form of traditional advertising. Advertising in Digital Magazines allows you to connect with your customers in a way that doesn’t require TV or radio spots. Instead, when people open the latest issue of a digital magazine, they are exposed to ads that capture their interest – and allow you to connect with them in a way that no other media provides.

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