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Best Practices for Protecting Your Pennsylvania Business

by jcp

Protecting your Pennsylvania business from all angles is vital to ensure you remain successful. However, in order to protect your assets, you must take precautions against any risks that could cause your company harm. Your business is your livelihood, and our guide will discuss the best practices for protecting your Pennsylvania business to ensure its continuity and growth.

Secure All Personal Devices

Personal devices often present a risk to security that many small businesses are unaware of and implementing regulations on how or when your staff can use their personal devices removes this risk. Install areas where your employees are free to use their devices, such as lunch or break-out rooms, and have lockers where your staff can safely store their belongings during the day to increase the security in working areas.

Back-Up Data

There are many things that can go wrong in a business, and a technical malfunction causing a massive loss of data is at the top of the list of fears that most business owners have. To protect your business, you must keep all business data backed up, which will keep processes running smoothly in the event of a technical malfunction.

Strong Passwords

Most businesses require computers and often have many users on their servers. Developing the right company security culture will ensure that your employees are aware of what you expect of them regarding passwords and confidentiality. Create a document to help them understand how to make a strong password for every business system they need access to. Incorporate numbers and symbols and encourage them to change the passwords regularly in the advice you give your staff, as this will prevent the risk of data breaches as you scale up the company.

Pennsylvania Business Insurance

Business insurance is crucial for protecting your Pennsylvania business and should be something you invest in at the earliest stages of your company. The right insurance will cover you in various ways, such as general liability, loss of earnings, or auto insurance. For more information on how to secure your company, check out The Hartford PA business insurance.

Malware Protection

Malware can make its way onto your business devices in many ways, including phishing emails and fake links. Ensuring you have protection from malware if it makes its way onto a company computer will safeguard you against document tampering, theft, or destruction.

Security Systems

If you have a physical location in Pennsylvania, a security system is as crucial to your business practices as your digital security. Cameras will give your company an edge and help prevent crimes such as theft from occurring and increase the likelihood that equipment will be recovered in the event of a break-in. Alongside cameras, alarm systems, and strong locks will make it more challenging to break into your premise, which will deter most criminals from even trying.

Paper Trail

For every phone call and interaction you or your employees have during the workday; you should ensure there is a paper trail to back up every discussion. For example, after a call with a client, send an email to recap what was discussed as a way to ensure that everything can be proven and to increase your reputation with the client. Recap emails protect your business, but they also make your customers feel listened to, which leads to increased engagement. In addition, using written contracts or printing them after signing to be stored off-site is a great way to back up your company and provides additional security in the event of a technical failure or natural disaster damaging your equipment.

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