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Britain’s top eco-conscious minds drive collaboration and change ahead of COP 26

by wrich

Jankovich launches ‘Collaborate to Zero’ 

Can humanity achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and halt climate change? Sustainability champions Nigel Topping, John Elkington and Fiona Ball among others join Mark Jankovich to ‘Collaborate to Zero’. Jankovich, Founder and CEO of Delphis Eco, discusses how we can collaborate to a zero-carbon world in an interview series that will be published on October 29 2021. The inspirational conversations share insights and opinions on how we need to collaborate to innovate and scale in the race to a net zero carbon world because we don’t have a moment to spare. All of the proceeds will go to charities fostering sustainable change. 

“It’s a dauntingly ambitious goal that will take radical, unprecedented levels of collaboration, particularly among sustainability leaders. Our mission is to create a global ‘Collaborate to Zero’ movement encouraging like-minded sustainable forward-thinkers, to work together to set new standards in environmental stewardship and shape a more positive future”. said Mark Jankovich CEO of Delphis Eco

‘Collaborate to Zero’ brings together ideas and insights from 16 like-minded sustainable, forward-thinking leaders, who share their thoughts and inspirations on what’s needed. In his series of interviews, Jankovich has frank, meaningful conversations with Fiona Ball – Sky Group Director of Responsible Business, Sustainability and Social Impact, John Elkington – A Global Authority on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Capitalism, Dame Polly Courtice – Founder Director of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Nigel Topping UK High Level Climate Action Champion, among others. They, like Jankovich believe that the only way to drive widescale, meaningful change across key industry sectors is to collaborate.

Jankovich has run into countless brick walls during his decade as an eco-entrepreneur, his mission is to create a global ‘Collaborate to Zero’ movement to help others avoid the speed bumps and rabbit holes he encountered. This is a powerful set of 16 conversations across government, agriculture, media, manufacturing, education, conservation and more and will be published and presented to key influencers in time for COP26. The book is available for pre-order at collaborate-to-zero.

The time for action is now, and the only way meaningful business action can take place is with a truly collaborative approach. The leaders meeting at COP26 must work with businesses, across all sectors, to move the needle, to achieve net zero carbon and halt the climate crisis.

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Mark Jankovich is available for interview and anyone who would like to purchase a copy of the book can order it here: collaborate-to-zero.

For more information on Delphis Eco, please visit www.delphiseco.com

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