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Businesses put best foot forward, adopting walking meeting routes as anti-COVID measure

by Jackson B

By Becky Wilson, Brand and Marketing Manager, Burrough Court

Hot off the heels of the opening of its on-site ‘Zoom Rooms’ for clients, rural business park and office space provider Burrough Court has seen an increase in popularity of its walking meeting routes.

The substantial 22-acre business park, set in over a thousand acres of stunning farmland, has long provided an idyllic backdrop for those who choose to work at Burrough Court.

Now, the woodland trails, including The Windsor Walk (named after the Duke of Windsor due to Burrough Court’s historic connection with the Royal Family) are proving popular with business owners and their staff alike who wish to hold meetings while also adopting a risk-averse approach.

With the government’s new campaign encouraging workers back into offices, anti-COVID measures such as the array of walking meeting routes mapped out by the Burrough Court team allowing people to ‘walk and talk’ rather than hold their meetings indoors



Far from being just an anti-COVID fad, the benefits of walking meetings have long been recognised.

Walking is a low-intensity form of exercise that delivers both physical and mental health benefits. It’s something that almost everyone can participate in and has also been shown to provide cognitive benefits with a 2014 study revealing that 81% of participants got a higher creative thinking test score when they were walking (compared to sitting).

A favourite of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs including the late Steve Jobs, walking meetings have taken on a new lease of life in the COVID era.

“We’ve made a raft of changes to ensure that Burrough Court provides a safe and healthy working environment in this ‘new normal’ however, we wanted to go one step further and give our clients an alternative to indoor meetings. The walking meeting routes do just that, promoting fresh air and exercise as well as enabling social distancing and reducing the risk of airborne transmission of the virus. There are also notable mental health benefits to be gained from spending time in nature.”

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