Home Technology Callmy selects Skurio to alert its customers to data breaches and cyber threats via its Callmy Alert service

Callmy selects Skurio to alert its customers to data breaches and cyber threats via its Callmy Alert service

by jcp

Latest news reflects trend of UK companies taking proactive steps to combat advances  in cyber-criminal activities

Belfast, 7th September 2021

Technology company Callmy has appointed Skurio, the Digital Risk Protection company to enhance its secure app-based lone working and mass notification services with cybersecurity notifications.

Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection platform will be integrated into the Callmy Mass  Notification service, which delivers encrypted, critical communication via the Callmy Alert  App. The app-based capability means there is less chance of urgent cyber threat-related  messages being lost in busy email and SMS inboxes and a secure cloud based delivery  ensures resilient communications can be maintained during the most challenging  situations.

Skurio’s cybersecurity solution will identify potential cyber threats and detect data leaks  across Callmy customers’ digital supply chains. Round the clock, automated surface,  deep and Dark Web monitoring for customers’ data and instant alerts will help them to act quickly to mitigate risk and prevent attacks.

Skurio’s CEO Jeremy Hendy said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Callmy as the  solution to protect their customers from digital risk. Callmy is an innovator in crisis  communication who takes cybersecurity very seriously and is extending its service to  ensure its customers are protected from data breaches and cyber threats. Adding Skurio  to their portfolio allows Callmy customers to extend their defences beyond their network  perimeters, protecting their data from cyber threats wherever it lives.”

He adds, “Cyber-related incidents are time-critical, and the faster a situation can be  identified the faster it can be contained. Identifying an external threat or breach is only  half the story, however – notifying stakeholders of what is happening is critical to a  successful outcome.

We are excited to have integrated Callmy Alert with Skurio”, commented Tony Watson, Founder and CEO of Callmy, “and believe this partnership will help our customers to  respond and overcome the ever-present cyber threat”.

He adds. “Once the IT team has used their Skurio service to triage the situation, Callmy  Alert can then be used to escalate communication to other stakeholders and members of  staff. Messages can be securely delivered to smartphones, tablets, and desktops, helping  to prevent access to infected or compromised systems. On average 100% of Callmy Alert  messages are opened in under a minute, with 80% returning a response when required.”

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