Many swap early morning gym sessions for Covid-19 tests 

by wrich

Canary Wharf, London: As Covid-19 cases rise, The Regenerative Clinic in Cabot Place has brought opening time forward to deal with the trend of city workers testing before starting work each day. 

Office workers returning to their desks have begun daily testing using both PCR and lateral flow. Once they receive certified confirmation of their Covid-19 status they go to work in the office.  The new 7am start will enable those people who wish to have an hour-long turnaround for testing before they start their working day. Early openings also coincide with the end of the NHS free testing service, and a commitment to ensure workplaces feel supported with testing options going forward. 

Simon Checkley, CEO, The Regenerative Clinic, said; “Proof of Covid-19 status within city businesses is very important to normal functioning. We noticed this trend emerging in February and were surprised to see large queues when we opened the doors each morning. These people wanted testing and confirmation of status before they went into their workplaces. We know that city workers are highly motivated people, many early risers and we have heard that many of them are swapping their early morning gym sessions to get tested.” 

Some companies are asking employees for proof of Covid-19 status. With restrictions opening responsibility has moved more towards the individual. Some companies are providing these tests for their staff, and some employees are international travels coming into UK office spaces for the first time. There has been an increase in numbers of people requesting lateral flow tests. 

The Regenerative Clinic has its own laboratory in London. Observing strict medical protocols, the facility has the potential to test up to a maximum capacity of 4,000 tests per day and recently expanded its services close to Paddington station. The Regenerative Clinic also offers a new 60-minute PCR test with results delivered in only one hour. The test offers significant benefits for those needing to ascertain their Covid-19 status urgently and uses new technology that has been developed in the UK. 

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