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CoachHub launches CoachHub4Good to support aid and charity sectors

by Jackson B


Initiative will provide free digital coaching for employees from various aid organisations affected by the pandemic

CoachHub has launched CoachHub4Good, a pro bono initiative to support employees from aid organisations, which have been particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

The global talent development platform has created the initiative to allow aid and charitable organisations, no matter where in the world, immediate access to the network of top tier coaches on the CoachHub digital platform, completely free of charge. Organisations that have already signed up include the United Nations International Organization for Migration and Kindernothilfe.

The coaching will provide practical and mental wellbeing support for these employees, who are having to work under extremely stressful conditions and may be struggling to maintain their wellbeing and performance. While driven by the coronavirus pandemic, CoachHub4Good is committed to continuing to support those who fight for humanity day after day, long after the current crisis is over.

Yannis Niebelschuetz, CEO of CoachHub, said: “We are extremely proud of the support our coaches are able to provide during these difficult times. Coaching is extremely important, not just for protecting mental wellbeing, but also for boosting productivity and resilience. Together we are stronger than any crisis, whether that’s now or in the future, so it is through our expertise in digital coaching that we want to say thank you.”

Anke Strauss, Head of Talent Management for the United Nations International Organization for Migration, said: “Every little bit helps during difficult times like these. When CoachHub reached out to us about supporting our staff through digital coaching it seemed very appropriate. As a humanitarian agency with staff all around the globe, many working on addressing the Corona crisis directly, everyone could use some help. Ensuring the wellbeing of our staff is even more crucial in times like these, so that we can produce our work efficiently and with compassion for the people we serve.”

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