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Deliveroo-GMB Voluntary Partnership Agreement

by jcp

This is a Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Deliveroo and the GMB. Deliveroo recognises the GMB Union as the sole independent trade union for Deliveroo Riders in the UK.

Partnership Principles 

The Partners, a leading online platform and a major UK trade union, hereby enter into an innovative partnership agreement that supports self-employed riders working with Deliveroo who have the flexibility of determining when to work, where to log in, for how long, which orders to accept and reject and how to provide their services. It applies to all riders who have entered into a supplier agreement with Deliveroo. The Partners accept that Riders for Deliveroo are self-employed and in business on their own account and Deliveroo is just one of many clients and customers with whom they may work. Riders have an unfettered right to substitution with Deliveroo.

The Partners believe in the value of good work, and that such work shall help to provide security for Riders. The Partners share a commitment to Riders’ wellbeing and safety, and to work that provides them with dignity and fair treatment.

The Partners have a mutual appreciation of the benefits of on-demand work for Riders and both Partners recognise that Riders choose to work in the on-demand sector. This Agreement serves as the basis for modern union-platform partnerships fit for the 21st century, with Riders’ interests at its core.

The Partners have agreed to work together to further the best interests of Riders and to help enhance the standard of work in the on-demand sector.

The Agreement establishes a mechanism in which the Partners can develop and maintain a constructive relationship and dialogue, based on mutual respect, openness and trust.

The Agreement also sets out how the Partners will Consult and Collectively Bargain on behalf of Riders through an agreed representative structure.

The Partners are committed to working together in a spirit of transparency, open communication and treating each other with dignity and respect.

The Partners are committed to working together to promote good work and good industrial relations, and to maintaining and supporting Deliveroo’s proposition for Riders to ensure that Riders continue to have access to good quality work.

The Partners are committed to the long term, sustainable business success of Deliveroo and nothing in this Agreement shall operate to undermine this objective.

The Partners acknowledge that from time to time there may be legitimate differences in interests and priorities and jointly commit to resolve these in a spirit of mutual trust and respect.

Collective Bargaining and Consultation 

The Partners shall establish a Joint Partnership Council as the forum in which the Partners will engage in Collective Bargaining and Consultation.

The Partners shall engage in Collective Bargaining on matters including Deliveroo’s commitment to earnings security for Riders in the form of a guaranteed pay floor.

Consultation on matters including maintaining existing earnings support for illness, one-off lump sum new parent support, insurance, Riders’ health and safety and mental and physical well being.

Guaranteed pay floor

The Company’s commitment to the Union is to ensure a “floor” whereby Deliveroo will offer Riders fees which are at least the equivalent of the applicable National Living Wage plus costs for orders undertaken (on a time work basis, being time on order basis, and taking appropriate account of costs incurred by Riders).

Access to organise and facilities

Deliveroo recognises that the Union will want to meet with, recruit and seek the views of Riders in order to be able to represent their interests.

Representation rights

Promoting the voice of Riders is critical for both Deliveroo and the GMB and Deliveroo recognises that the success of the partnership involves the GMB’s right to represent its members in good faith and with mutual respect.

Dispute resolution

The Partners share a joint commitment to the success of the relationship between them that will be created by this Agreement, and to the good conduct of industrial relations.


Deliveroo will, so far as is reasonably within its power, protect Riders from unlawful discrimination and from victimisation for being members of the GMB Union, and for taking part in GMB activities or making use of GMB services.

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