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Deloitte waives ‘Process Robots’ implementation costs for COVID-19 critical processes in GCC vital sectors

by Jackson B


Healthcare among vital sectors to benefit from initiative

In response to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as businesses prepare to go back to the “new normal”, Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions (BPS) is waiving implementation costs for its Robots as a Service (RaaS) offering to organizations in sectors designated by the UAE government as vital. This cost waiver is targeted to businesses and institutions in the vital sectors, as defined by the UAE government and specifically those with COVID-19 critical processes who meet certain terms and criteria for support. Priority is given to the public and healthcare sectors.

RaaS will allow these organizations to outsource their repetitive key processes that have high viability for automation. Processes that are manual, repetitive and rules-based can be automated with Deloitte’s RaaS without the cost and time of a full-scale implementation, training and risks.

Deloitte’s complexity validation model will categorize processes as either low, medium or high complexity for business functions such as Finance, Tax and Payroll. Those identified as low or medium will be eligible for this initiative. Implementation costs and monthly fees are waived for a fixed period of time as selected organizations are preparing for the post-lockdown period.

“RaaS works by clients connecting their processes through VPN or secure file transfer to Deloitte’s robots, which fully automate them and then deliver the results remotely. This allows tasks to be performed in record speed and with higher accuracy, thus freeing clients to focus and divert resources to their most pressing needs,” said Nauman Ahmed, Deloitte Partner and Middle East Tax Leader.

“These are unprecedented times and as such we felt strongly that we wanted to play a role in addressing the challenge by helping and supporting the region’s vital sectors. Our response, which aligns with our purpose of making an impact that matters in our communities, is designed as an interim solution that will bolster an organization’s ability to maximize the efficiency of their resources,” added Basit Hussain, Deloitte Partner and Middle East BPS Leader.

The benefits of RaaS are wide-ranging. The tool will enable organizations to accelerate time to benefit, maintain agility, reduce vendor risk, and enable enterprise data analytics in addition to providing access to cognitive capabilities.

“Organizations will get through this, and when they do it is important that they emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before. We hope that this tool will enable them not only to respond as we see the easing of restrictions, but to also consider how their organization will recover and thrive after the crisis is over,” added Ahmed.
If your organization is interested in applying for the program, please complete this online form.

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