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Demand for parking management platform surges by 50% as return to the office continues

by wrich

ParkOffice experiences double-digit demand as companies use smart parking as a new means of helping manage the numbers of employees in the workplace 

UNITED KINGDOM: Leading parking management system, ParkOffice, has, today, reported a 50 percent increase in demand since Freedom Day (19th July). The global parking tech giant, which provides its services to L’Oreal, Indeed.com and Europcar, says the significant spike is due to employers wanting to make the return to the office as safe as possible for employees. ParkOffice is a leading parking management software solution that enables employers to optimise staff parking. Through unique algorithms, it enables workers to book parking spots in advance and, more recently, is being used as a means of providing company bosses with an indication as to how many people are on their premises as the numbers of COVID cases continue to fluctuate. 

Some of the latest UK companies to sign up for ParkOffice’s services include Castle Trust Bank, The Access Group, and Arlington Real Estate. The smart parking tech company estimates it is currently helping over 10,000 employees assess their workplace capacity on any given day, while also providing them with guaranteed spaces for cars before leaving the safety of their homes. 

ParkOffice’s advanced technology analyzes data and insights to ensure companies can better manage capacity across often chaotic parking lots in a sustainable way, by efficiently assigning, releasing and sharing parking spaces across its workforce that might otherwise remain largely empty. Through unique algorithms, ParkOffice can identify features and solve integration issues, reducing employee parking dependency.

According to recent research by the IPA, the majority of employees (89 percent) no longer wish to return to the office in a full-time capacity with an Ellis Whittam survey stating 52 percent of employers have a hybrid working model planned for their company. In addition to this, a new study by the Office for National Statistics shows that when it comes to future working conditions, nearly two-fifths (38%) of businesses expect 75% of their workforce to be at their usual place of work in future. 

Speaking about the surge in demand for smart parking tech, Garret Flower, CEO and Founder of ParkOffice said: 

“Such a surge in demand for ParkOffice’s services in the UK indicates that employers are taking the future of work and what it looks like extremely seriously. Through experiencing double-digit growth across the UK since Freedom Day, we have come to the realisation that parking tech is not only being used to guarantee safe, stress-free commuting for employees but also as a means of judging how many people are set to attend the office on any given day.” 

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