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A new home fragrance brand that combines evocative, luxury scents with sophisticated state-of-the-art diffusion technology is set to revolutionise the way we fragrance our homes this summer.

O by Olfacto, originating from France, offers two diffuser formats (OBYO mini; OBYO luxe) to suit differing space sizes and to fragrance homes in the cleanest and safest way possible.

Accompanying the technology is a wonderful collection of nine blended fragrances that combine French romanticism and British elegance to create emotive sensory experiences that awaken the senses, lift the spirit, and create a lasting aura of pleasure in the home. Each fragrance comprises pure essential oils that have been crafted in the renowned area of Grasse in France to provide the ultimate premium and luxurious experience.

Introducing OBYO mini diffuser (£149.00) – small and discrete

This stunning mini diffuser offers an elegant design for any discerning homeowner and is ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studies.  Its delicate brushed stainless-steel design houses the ‘easy-to-insert’ glass 65ml cartridge and a 2.5W power force that enables the fragrance to immerse your chosen space quickly.  It operates in three-hour cycles and comes with a USB port for recharging.  Depending on usage, the 65ml cartridge will last between three to five months.

Introducing OBYO luxe diffuser (£749.00) – for large spaces

This stylish silver-grey aluminium diffuser features a powerful fragrance emitter, making it the ideal choice for larger space.  OBYO luxe utilises cold diffusion expertise which is one of the safest and cleanest way to emit fragrance.  It works by filtering cold air from a space and diffusing the oils from the selected 150ml fragrance cartridge back into the atmosphere as an ultra-dry mist.

OBYO luxe comes with a useful bluetooth-operated function that enables full control of scent strength, any time of the day for a chosen duration, that is operated with the accompanying free IOS/Android app.

The fragrances (£65.00, 65ml for OBYO mini; £150.00, 150ml for OBYO luxe)

Originally developed by renowned French chef Cedric Lalouelle, who “cooks with his nose”, O by Olfacto has evolved from a high-end commercial fragrance offering to one for consumers to enjoy in their own homes.  This debut has been spearheaded by renowned interior designer, Katy Worthy (co-founder), who wanted to give UK homeowners greater accessibility to luxury scent experiences.

The summer vibe selection:

  • MYKONOS – be transported to a Mediterranean island with a harmonious blend of citrus, amber and aquatic notes reminiscent of the sea and shore
  • MINT & EUCALYPTUS – a natural odour neutraliser, enjoy the scent of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves with the uplifting fragrance of sweet peppermint. This re-energising and invigorating fragrance refreshes any space
  • FIG & BERGAMOT – a juicy burst of botanical freshness designed to guide awareness of the senses and relax the mind. Features a harmonious blend of zesty fruit and classic wooded aroma to create an invigorating atmosphere

The opulent and exotic selection:

  • BLACK POMEGRANATE – a delightfully rich and sensual scent with spicy and peppery notes infused with a deep, woody base to create a temptingly atmospheric mood
  • BALMS & LEATHER – a comforting, full fragrance reminiscent of crackling wood fires and soft leather. Features top notes of bourbon geranium, sparkling Calabrian bergamot and base notes of vanilla pods, Peru balm and Brazilian tonka beans. Ideal for sumptuous sophistication
  • OUD – this rich oud scent uses a complex palette of earthy, floral and citrus notes to create a sense of opulence and ultimate comfort

The rejuvenate and calm selection:

  • GREEN ORANGE – refresh the senses with green orange, the most popular fragrance from the entire collection. Features top notes of mandarin, orange, lemon, fresh mint and citronella to boost mood and energise the soul.  The ultimate dose of happiness in a scent
  • SOFT LEATHER – envelop yourself in this deep fragrance to instantly wash away the stresses of the day thanks to its calming properties. Features top notes of leather, green notes and saffron with heart scents of lily of the valley and violet
  • RED CRYSTAL – A truly comforting blend of aromas featuring a wooded, sugary and amber-like scent to fill a room with warm sweetness and a tantalising floral and toffee bouquet

All fragrances and diffusers are available to purchase now from obyolfacto.com.  Discovery Packs are available for £25.00 and feature all nine scents (2ml) with testing cards to help you discover your signature home scent.

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