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FIVE FRESH TIPS for students on how to save on your energy bill!

by maria

New study from Fresh Student Living offers tips for students to save £££ on their energy bills.

Everyone knows that living that student lifestyle often means a distinct lack of funds. With rent, food and tuition fees to pay for – not to mention a social life – it is not the best time to be a student with current energy costs rising at record rates. For those less-fortunate students who don’t have their bills included in their rent –  today is your lucky day – as Fresh Student Living has provided five fresh tips for students on how to save on your energy bill!

Five FRESH tips for students to save energy:

  1. Flick the switch!
  • That little switch on the wall next to where your microwave or TV is plugged in – turn it OFF! If the appliance is not in use there is no need for it to be on standby.
  • Turn offany lights in your house that you are not using. If the kitchen lights are on whilst you’re in the living room, this is wasting energy.
  • Consider switchingto LED lights. Discuss this with your landlord and see if it’s something they are willing to do for you, or they cost as little as £2 from IKEA if you want to front the cost yourself. An LED light bulb uses over 75% less energy than a regular bulb.
  1. Be more efficient with your laundry
  • Washing your laundry at 20 or 30 degreesrather than 40+ can help you to reduce your energy usage. If you have a good relationship with your housemates it may also be worth combining your washes.
  • Invest in an airer so you can leave your clothes to air-dry. Tumble dryers use a LOTof energy and therefore, a LOT of money.
  • If you do need to use your tumble dryer, ensure you cleanyour tumble dryer’s filters to keep it efficient.
  1. Smart Meters are actually SMART
  • Know where your energy costs are coming from. Call your energy provider and ask them to install a smart meter. This should be FREEof charge, and helps you to monitor where you are using the most energy in the house, and where you can therefore cut back.
  1. Be smarter about water
  • A student’s best friend is a dishmatic washing-up sponge and a running tap. However, you can actually savearound £25 a year by washing up in a bowl rather than using a running tap.
  • Also, being more cautiousabout water in general can help you save on your energy bills too – by opting for showers over baths and cutting downyour shower time. Cutting down showering time down by just one minute a day could save on average £7 a person per year.
  1. Don’t get hungry with thermostatic power
  • As painful as it is to admit, your parents are Put a jumper on or grab a blanket if you’re chilly. Your parents’ may have seemed strict about when you turn your heating on in the winter, and you may find yourself getting hungry with thermostatic power and turning it on in September and whacking it up to 35 degrees. BUT, almost halfthe money spent on energy bills is absorbed by heating costs. Turning your heating down – even by just one degree could save you up to £80 a year.

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