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Fruugo now available through plentymarkets

by Jackson B

New platform integration simplifies international trade for thousands of retailers

Fruugo, the online marketplace specialised in cross-border trading, is now available for more than 50,000 users of the e-commerce solution plentymarkets. This will allow thousands of merchants to expand their sales internationally, without the complexities usually associated with cross-border selling.

Throughout 2020 the customer demand for online shopping has skyrocketed around the world as consumers have either forcibly or voluntarily steered clear of the high street. For businesses this has meant that ecommerce has come to play an unprecedentedly important role in overall, pushing many to maximise online sales by expanding their digital operations and starting to trade cross-border to entirely new markets.

To help businesses take advantage of this growing consumer demand, thousands of retailers who use plentymarkets for multi-channel ecommerce are now able to take advantage of all attributes of Fruugo directly from the plentymarkets platform. This allows them to sell products to a new consumer base of more than four billion across the globe.

Fruugo’s focus as a global online marketplace is on simplifying international ecommerce for merchants of all sizes. Working across over 40 countries, it takes care of all language, currency, sales tax and localisation requirements and uses its advanced data science capability to drive marketplace shoppers directly to retailers’ products.

As a cloud-based software platform, plentymarkets lets retailers manage online business processes comfortably and efficiently through one interface. This includes a point of sale system that allows merchants to combine the management of their bricks and mortar stores with online sales, as well as additional features like stock management, payment, fulfilment and a fully functional CRM tool.

While the two companies have worked together for more than six years, this is the first time Fruugo will be available to all plentymarkets sellers directly through its .net platform.

Carsten Brassel, Head of Business Development at plentymarkets, comments on the new Fruugo integration: “In times like these, when going digital quickly has never been more important, it is crucial to get products to the existing audience as fast as possible. With the updated Fruugo integration, it is now easier than ever to list and maintain products from plentymarkets onto fruugo and add international markets in a jiffy, without worrying about translations or stock levels. plentymarkets welcomes the addition of Fruugo into the portfolio of more than 45 marketplaces currently supported.”

Håkan Thyr, CRO at Fruugo, comments: “At a time when ecommerce sales are crucial for so many merchants, finding ways of simplifying the process of selling online both to domestic and international customers needs to be a priority in our industry. Fruugo’s full integration into the plentymarkets platform is contributing to this, allowing us to give more merchants the opportunity to ship and sell products to customers across the globe through our marketplace. By taking on some of the key tasks associated with this process for merchants, such as currency transactions and copy translation, we help them grow their online sales and reach and meet previously untapped demand internationally.”

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