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GSC Grays cuts by 68% invoice processing time with Yooz most powerful cloud software

by Jackson B

– The number one in real-time AP automation solution helps accelerate the Digital Transformation of GSC Grays –

 GSC Grays, a leading independent rural practice and property consultancy in the UK, has announced it has chosen Yooz, the easiest and most powerful cloud provider of real-time purchase-to-pay (P2P) automation software, to automate and get instant monitoring and tracking of its Accounts Payable (AP) processes.

GSC Grays is a firm of chartered surveyors, land and estate agents operating throughout the UK, but principally within the North of England. They offer a fresh, dynamic and professional approach when it comes to providing quality advice on land or property requirements.

GSC Grays chose Yooz as the perfect solution to replace its manual invoice payment process – the smartest, simplest and most powerful cloud AP solution, providing a fast, secure, scalable system with a full audit trail for future reference.

With Yooz, GSC Grays now has real-time visibility and traceability of every invoice, held within a single platform for ease-of-use and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Jerry McGill, Operations Director at GSC Grays, said: “Yooz has allowed GSC Grays to automate our Accounts Payable system and provide electronic recording, approval and processing of all our supplier invoices. The approval of invoices is now an online task that can be completed in a matter of minutes by any member of staff at any location and allows queries to be immediately answered. The Accounts department staff love the fact that paper invoices and traditional data input are a thing of the past, whilst managers and staff appreciate the ability to approve invoices on their smartphones at any time. When we benchmarked several vendors, we decided Yooz was the best solution for us to provide a high level of performance and of simplicity for users.”

Yooz technology combines real-time Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Deep Learning to automate the entire invoice system – from invoice creation right through to payment

The technology provides 80% automation rates into more than 250 ERP systems worldwide – the highest automation rate on the market – and cuts the invoice processing time from weeks to just a few days as well as a decrease in administrative costs by 70%: “Integration between Yooz and our SAGE Accounting system results in fast and accurate processing of invoices and completes the Accounts Payable process without the need to print a single invoice. “

Jerry McGill continues. “With Yooz, the invoices are attached to the email and registered immediately and automatically. This, along with the traceability, audit trail, accurate data and access to the invoice image in Sage, add up to significant time and operational benefits for the business.”

One word that summarizes the major benefit of Yooz? Speed!

The automated real-time AP solution has reduced the company’s invoice processing time by around two-thirds (66%) across all of its UK locations as well as providing accurate financial information to unify its accounting departments.

GSC Grays is now perfectly placed to manage its expected increase in AP requirements during 2021 with Yooz providing the ideal platform to do this

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