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Hospitality Employers Need to be Flexible to Survive

by maria

Staff in the hospitality industry are at an all time low, businesses are reopening their doors, preparing for the hoped complete easing of restrictions on 19th July – UK Restaurants, Hotels and Bars have never been busier, but the industry is still reeling from the hard blow of Brexit and the aftermath of the loss of our European workforce.

GIG are urging businesses to rethink how they use workers and look at ways to share their staff to enable more businesses and the industry to bounce back and get #BackinService.

GIG powers businesses by getting them the staff they need, when they need them. This might not sound any different to the traditional temp agency model, but they are redistributing the power, ensuring all parties have the best outcome for themselves, utilising technology to ensure there is no wastage and the process is as efficient as possible.

“It’s no longer attractive to some individuals to work fixed shifts and hours, workers are increasingly looking for more flexibility in their working lives” says Antony Woodcock, Managing Director & Co-Founder of GIG, “People still want to work regularly for the same employer, they want to generate work-place friendships but they also want freedom, freedom to select their working days and plan their work around their lives as opposed to their lives around their work”.

By encouraging businesses to adopt forward thinking, and use innovative processes for how they hire and use staff, GIG can help companies not just survive, but thrive. Things such as changing policies and procedures, having staff only when they are needed, and sharing workers with other companies, will help spread the pressures of reopening for the benefit of the whole industry.

“There’s no reason why Joe Bloggs can’t work for a restaurant during the week, then man the bar at a music or comedy festival at the weekend, there are so many people in the UK with the skills we need to ensure UK hospitality stays afloat, we just need businesses to be more flexible about how they employ them”.

About GIG:

GIG is more than an app, they have their own training programme, masterclasses programme and apprenticeship programme. Their staff all have pension, holidays, staff benefits and team building activities. They have a team of skilled recruiters and account managers working across the UK in the background to deliver a seamless and professional service. Their technology can also be used by clients to manage their own internal staffing pools alongside any outsourced requirements that they may have, this helps businesses provide a more flexible working environment for their own staff and enables them to manage any outsourced requirements more efficiently.

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