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How Marketing Video Increases Conversions

by Walker M

Not that long ago, video was considered a marketing frill, something for big companies with deep pockets to indulge in when they had free time on their hands. Oh, how the world has changed. Today, video marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques in the world. More important, one of the most effective in promoting brand awareness, building brand image and generating conversions.

The fascinating accompanying resource focuses our attention on this important area of conversions. While the power of video to capture the essence of a brand is well understood by most digital marketers, the power of videos to drive inquiries and sales is sometimes underestimated or overlooked.

The fact is, B2B and B2C buyers are highly influenced by video wherever they are in the process of purchasing a product or service. The resource provides an overview of why this is the case, and then goes on to discuss ways to approach and implement video marketing in your business.

Marketing video comes in many shapes and sizes — from 10-second teaser ads to 10-minute-plus “explainers.”

How does a company know how and where to start? We like the resource’s emphasis on storytelling, which is an excellent starting point indeed. For communicating data-heavy information, stories put context around the numbers, helping potential customers quickly grasp the significance and remember the value. For that matter, the story format works the same way for just about any type of marketing message.

Making the point quickly and making people remember it are essential in today’s digital marketing playing field. People everywhere are experiencing information overload: They can hardly digest all the marketing information they come across during the day. Recalling it a few hours later is far more difficult than remembering what they had for dinner two weeks ago.

Visual messages (video in particular) stay with us longer. In a storytelling format, the essence of the message is central to those memories. Think about one of your favorite movies or TV series episodes: You can probably replay a favorite scene in your head months or even years after you saw it, and immediately conjure the feelings and ideas that made such an impression on you. Storytelling video works the same way. In a world awash in digital information, it is an indispensable marketing technique for any small business, startup, marketing department, etc. seriously committed to increasing its pool of prospects and customers.

For more insights on marketing video and its conversion-producing capabilities, please continue reading.

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