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How to keep remote working staff motivated during lockdown three.

by Jackson B

By Nimesh Shah, Marketing Director Feel Good Contacts

Lead by example

If employees are expected to keep up with their bosses by checking their e-mails 24/7 to stay ahead of the game, then they won’t be feeling fresh and raring to start the day each morning.

I lead by example and take a proper lunch break and encourage my staff to do the same. This healthy habit stops employees from glaring at their computer screens. We’re well aware of how damaging screen time can be to health and productivity. If everyone gets a proper break and some fresh air, they will feel refuelled and rested and be much more productive in the afternoon.

Communication is key

I see a bright future for the company, but employees need to see it too.  Otherwise I’ll be faced with the attitude of “my work doesn’t matter” and “why do I bother, no one cares.” It’s important to be transparent and communicate your company vision and goals. Your workforce will be driven if they have confidence in their leaders and if they can see how their actions can contribute towards the bigger picture.

Listen to your employees

Give staff the confidence to suggest ideas and listen to them. Employee engagement levels will increase if staff can see that their opinions matter. By expecting the best from your teams, you’ll get the best from them.

Show your appreciation

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to dealing with remote workers. To make staff feel valued, it’s important to call them by their names and to personally say thank you. Taking the time to show your appreciation will improve motivation levels. Finally, encourage your teams to inform you of the achievements of their peers.


Getting employees to work to their skills and potential should not be like pulling teeth. Business leaders hold the cards to creating a better working environment and culture. By working closely with employees they can help to boost morale. It isn’t difficult, but it does take time and commitment.

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