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How To Make Money From Writing Original Content

by Jackson B

There are two basic reasons why original content is important. First, original content increases the link juice that you get from search engines. Second, original content improves your readers’ experience of trust in your information. In other words, original content improves your website’s credibility and reputation.

In a nutshell, the original content is content that is written by you or your team. It carries your company logo, message, and proven strategies. Original content is what differentiates your website from those of your competitors. It makes your site more interesting and distinctive, which is what web users are looking for. So, if you want to achieve great rankings in Google, or get tons of traffic from article directories, this is the way to go.

One reason why article directories are so important to your online success is because they enable you to reach a huge audience and greatly increase your visibility. Article submission is free, so you have nothing to lose. Furthermore, there are many article directories that accept articles on a variety of topics. This way, you can target a specific, targeted audience. Also, if your article is original and informative, it will likely receive a high ranking from search engines, which leads to even more traffic and, ultimately, sales. Keep in mind that most article directories have hundreds or thousands of article submissions on any given topic.

Most online businesses and websites today are powered by powerful search engine optimization software called ‘SEM’. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to get high rankings in search engine results. By using SEO techniques, you can easily bring a huge volume of traffic to your website. Most importantly, your traffic will be highly targeted – only those individuals who are interested in what you have to offer will click on your links and visit your website.

If you’re unfamiliar with article submission, it’s pretty easy to learn. Simply access your favorite search engine and type in a relevant keyword phrase, such as ‘writing articles for money’, and see what comes up. There are tons of article directories available that will allow you to submit articles for free – simply sign up at one of these sites and upload your original written content.

Now, let’s assume you’ve written an original, high quality article that will get you a ton of traffic, but not many sales. You could submit this article to a few article directories and let them do the rest. However, there are also a ton of websites like EzineArticles and hub pages that only accept a certain amount of content. They have very strict guidelines about the type of content that can and cannot be posted – which is why you need to know their guidelines well in advance.

Once you have your article approved by these sites like EzineArticles or hubpages, it’s time to monetize your content. There are several different methods you can use to do this, but the best is simply to create your own website. You don’t even have to hire a web designer to make it look nice – all you need is an easy to use website builder that you can find online, and a few hours of your time. You’ll need to write your original content, post all of your articles, and create a way for visitors to subscribe to your website by either leaving a comment on your website, or placing a link in your resource box.

Once you start getting a steady stream of traffic to your website, you can start submitting other people’s articles to these article submission sites. This is how people can start making money from their written work – by selling them. So the next time you’re faced with the task of writing an original article, consider doing something different. Write an original one that can help someone, and turn around and sell it to an article submission site – and start earning money. It’s that simple.

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