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iPsychTec partners with Future Processing to build behavioural analytics application

by Jackson B

iPsychTec, formerly known as Alderbrooke is a leading Culture & Talent diagnostics specialist. The company provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of boards, management and human resources teams across all industries. iPsychTec’s mission is to combine the best elements of scientific and applied research to develop and deploy behaviour diagnostics and predictive analytics tools. Not only do these tools drive a desired organisational culture, but also help businesses achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Although a fairly small business, iPsychTec’s services are still a big success with some top tier customers such as Lloyds Bank and EDF in the United Kingdom.

By focussing on one of its main applications, CultureScope, and generating new business with as many clients as possible, iPsychTec is now looking to roll out these algorithms to continue helping its customers make strategic decisions about their culture.

Overcoming the challenges

iPsychTec wanted to demonstrate to its customers the importance of investing in its culture and the need to implement the surveys that are a part of the CultureScope platform. To facilitate this, a new application was built from scratch with the help of Future Processing. iPsychTec also began to work with a number of companies and universities in order to build this algorithm prior to establishing the survey application.

The psychology behind the application relied on the company asking its employees the right questions to build a better understanding of implementing or adjusting the culture accordingly. In order to fulfil these needs, Future Processing put forward a java-based application for HR which resulted in significant time-savings, improved validity and reduced distortion.

Working with Future Processing

CultureScope is the first advanced behavioural analytics engine that measures individual and organisational behaviours. Organisational culture provides businesses with the what, how and why of their culture and behaviours, plus performance and outcomes.

Future Processing has been working with iPsychTec since June 2015, and has developed few software versions for CultureScope over the years. Most recently it introduced a new Java-based application which allows the company to conduct diagnostic behavioural questionnaires in a dynamic way and meet the high non-functional requirements including performance and ease of operation.

Improving validity

The application that Future Processing implemented brings many benefits to iPsychTec. The old diagnostic application had fixed survey questions with the same number of questions which took around 20 minutes to complete. Additionally, users would have to answer 60 questions to reach the item response theory.

Now, the new diagnostic application offers further questions which are selected based on the users’ answers. It will also ensure that the questionnaire takes eight minutes less to complete compared to the last survey. With this adaptive approach, users will only need to answer 15 to 30 questions. Most importantly, the outcome will provide improved validity and reduced distortion.

Future Processing will continue to deliver ongoing support and software maintenance for the existing applications to ensure it is updated and available for iPsychTec’s changing requirements. To make sure the software solution is meeting these criteria, regular small changes of additional functionalities will be observed.

“We are delighted to have been part of this revolutionary analytics solution including adaptive questionnaires. We look forward to the next phase of development. Future Processing understood our need, particularly as we embarked on developing a software application that would be ground-breaking in the area of behavioural analytics. They always delivered on time and within budget, with excellent support” – Hani Nabeel, Chief Behavioural Scientist

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