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Lancelot Media London Launches Adwatch UK: Using Blockchain to Certify Advertising Campaigns and Protect Ad Budgets

by wrich

London, 21 September 2021… Martech specialist Lancelot Media London, has been helping tech companies enter the UK since 2015 and has been selected as a launch partner and sole UK distributor by AdWatch.

Spanish Adtech company AdWatch employs Blockchain technology to address the gaps which currently exist in ad data processing and integrity checks.

This week the product goes into restricted release in the UK. Lancelot will deploy Adwatch to analyse and secure all client digital campaigns, from origin to destination. Lancelot Media London will work with a carefully selected number of UK based media agencies dedicated to the elimination of ad fraud, before AdWatch UK goes to general release early next year.

In recent years there has been an exponential growth of Blockchain technology but much less so in the advertising sector, which have only gradually adopted these advanced technologies.

On the other hand, the exponential growth in investment in digital advertising requires increasingly demanding monitoring of an environment so susceptible to fraud.

There is a global clamour that demands transparency and trust, vectors that increasingly demand more from companies and from which the advertising sector is not now exempt.

AdWatch’s blockchain offering is characterised by traceability and immutability. The first is achieved by facilitating encryption at the origin of any advert. The tags from this process are then monitored through to the destination and verified as intact before launching an impression, allowing total control and traceability from source.

Once that imprint is launched, the data collected is encrypted and stored securely in the Blockchain, providing the aforementioned immutability.

Richard Parboo, CEO of Lancelot Media London: “Our clients’ sentiments around ad fraud range from concern to exasperation. So, this alliance with AdWatch to incorporate blockchain technologies and AI to their campaigns makes sense. The timing is most opportune too, as our clients, like most businesses, have been hard hit by the pandemic and urgently need to see increases in ROI against their ad spend. Leveraging Blockchain technology to reduce losses due to ad fraud will have a positive impact on advertisers & brands, additionally media agency buying teams.”

According to Jose Luis Casado, CEO of AdWatch: “This technology is here to stay. In Europe we have effectively demonstrated that this innovative mix of blockchain and AI approaches throughout the full ad journey provides the traceability demanded by digital advertising globally.”

AdWatch’s launch case and success story was for the ++Volvo XC90++ model in 2019 in collaboration with the Mindshare and Xaxis teams to build a bespoke and innovative approach to drive sales.

Earlier this year EQUMEDIA Spain’s first independent Media Agency established an alliance with AdWatch to lead the way in offering full transparency to advertisers and eliminating ad fraud.

Celia Caño, CEO of Equmedia: This alliance with AdWatch for the incorporation of blockchain in campaigns provides maximum transparency and security in all processes, in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem.

Lancelot Media London seeks to emulate Equmedia’s success here in the UK.

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