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Novade Launches Digital Solutions to Mitigate On-site COVID-19 risks

by Jackson B

Ensure safety and productivity with COVID-Safe Site

Novade, a leading smart field management software developer for the building and construction industry, is launching COVID-Safe Site a set of digital solutions to specially mitigate on-site COVID-19 risks. This launch rides on the successful control of coronavirus infections in Singapore, with Novade’s technology helping to efficiently manage operations on-site, keep employees safe while maintaining productivity and reassuring stakeholders.The new Novade COVID-Safe Site encompasses a comprehensive set of digital tools to efficiently manage health and safety across the worksite. The range of functionalities allow clients to rapidly and safely manage site operations, conduct health checks and enforce social distancing. The Novade platform can be integrated with AI cameras and Bluetooth-enabled wearables to track contact on site and corresponding risk exposure. The Novade platform also enables digital contactless site processes such as induction, toolbox talks, inspections, work allocation, progress tracking which minimizes the flow of paper on site and provide remote visibility for businesses.

David Morin, Eiffage International Director and a user of Novade shared, “The Novade platform has enabled us to have real time visibility on our production metrics, equipment utilisation, materials consumption and workforce deployments. With constantly evolving restrictions, we have remote visibility and comprehensive data on site productivity. This is critical for our international business.”

Novade has recently been deployed by Costain Group on the £150m upgrade project of Gatwick Airport station for Network Rail. The project team has worked safely and efficiently through the pandemic to bring much needed improvements to the station and improve the passenger experience.

As Novade establishes its presence in the UK, Tejas Thomas, UK country manager, commented, “COVID-19 forces companies to be agile and diligent in order to maintain productivity, while staying compliant with the evolving HSE requirements. The Novade COVID -Safe site enhancements will help companies seamlessly adapt to ensure sites remain safe and productive, offering a streamlined, digital process which can make the day-to-day management of their businesses easier and more effective.”

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