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Optima launches its new Adaptable Wall for commercial of-fice partitioning

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The Optima Adaptable Wall (OAW) is an easy-to-install, sustainable, flexible and robust partitioning solution replacing traditional plasterboard and dry wall for commercial workspace.

Today, Optima Systems, the world’s leading glass partitioning manufacturer announces its latest office design innovation, the Optima Adaptable Wall (OAW).


Optima Adaptable Wall

A technically sophisticated and visually appealing dry-jointed solid wall system, the OAW is fully demountable and reconfigurable, designed to be quickly deployed within any commercial interior and seamlessly moved if required.

Achieving outstanding acoustic ratings, this fully modular system has been created to complement a standard installation of Optima’s Revolution 100 Glazed partitions, utilising the same aluminium tracks.

Available in a variety of sustainable, solid panels from natural woods and fabric to textured glass or a living wall, the OAW presents a functional, eco-friendly alternative to drywall and plasterboard.

From a design perspective, the OAW delivers a highly desirable balance of short-term speed, flexibility and cleanliness in specification and installation with long-term adaptability and sustainability; it’s taking modern office design to the next level.

Optima Adaptable Wall

Commenting on the OAW, Optima Products Ltd’s MD Christian Mabey says: “The OAW is the result of many years of research and development coupled with extensive discussion with our fit-out specialist clients, understanding what fixtures and finishes will help them do business in the here and now. Flexibility, sustainability and functionality were the most common requirements, and led to our team developing a partition which could be regarded as more sustainable, easier to install and possessing greater long-term value than plasterboard or dry wall.”

He continues, “OAW is a truly green system which can use eco-friendly fabrics and FSC™ timber. Further, it is designed to endure, with the capability of being moved from site to site, year after year, as opposed to being scrapped and replaced on each fit out. Furthermore, these adaptable walls have been developed with the requirements of the modern workplace in mind, able to flex as businesses grow. We see it as a game-changer, enabling greater creativity and flexibility in office design and layout.”

About the Optima Adaptable Wall (OAW)

An Efficient Solution

Optima Adaptable Wall panels are standardised modular systems with a simple one-stage installation process. Installed by an Optima-fitter, this accelerates the building programme considerably. This guarantees the highest quality, delivered on-time, within budget.

Using pre-fabricated sections also minimises cutting on-site, eliminating water and plaster mess, leading to a cleaner site. OAWs require no drying time and can be installed later in the project than plasterboard, leading to further efficiencies.

Solid Wall Finishing and Flex

OAW panels can be finished with a wide variety of materials, including laminate, natural wood, fabric, acoustic treatment, glass panels and green living walls.

The options are endless and aesthetics and functionality can be enhanced by applying different finishes to adjacent panels on both sides of the same panel.

Further, specific ‘technology’ panels are designed to accommodate a range of digital options, facilitating easy cable access required for services including power, data and audio/visual. The panels can also support large, affixed items such as flat screen monitors, and be retrofitted with the latest tech at any time.

Optima Adaptable Wall

Sound and Sustainable

With both track and panel, manufactured from sustainable sources and containing recycled content, OAW is an eco-friendly option. Produced to a circular economic model, it has been developed to be reused indefinitely or ultimately recycled. Based on modular components there is virtually no cut-off waste. This practicality reflects Optima’s ambition to end the disposable mindset which still dictates a great deal of commercial fit-outs.

OAWs are also ideal for internal walls next to glazed partitions, providing both acoustic privacy and comfort. Exact levels will depend on the specification of the panels and the finishes selected.

To find out more about Optima’s Adaptable Wall (OAW) click here

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