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Presenting Your Funny Voice Over Scripts

by Jackson B
Presenting Your Funny Voice Over Scripts

According to recent surveys and statistics, commercial campaigns with funny voice over scripts win more often than others. But why do they win more often? The answer is simple: funny voice over scripts are more dramatic. It is exactly that-a bit different from all other kinds of voice-overs scripts, the average script must contain something comedy in it and then all the effort of the vocalist to make it funnier comes from him/her to make it funnier, i.e., the voice-overs artist does not have to create comedy in the first place but only accentuate and create humor from the already existing material.

Of course, the tone must be right to be funny and it must be able to connect with the target audience. Otherwise, why bother with funny voice over? When a voice is cool, crisp, soft, and yet explosive, there is no doubt that the listener will find it cracking. A loud, strong, and booming voice, on the other hand, can be flat and monotonous. That is the reason why loud, booming voices are not very effective as comedy scripts.

To have a smooth, natural funny voice over, a voice over talent needs to know how to modify his/her voice inflection to vary pitches and voice combinations. This is where the practice of vocal exercises comes into play. A deep voice is best for sad or serious situations, while a high-pitched voice can best be used for happy and amusing situations. Vocal exercises can also help vocalizing beginners achieve higher and deeper notes so that they can create dynamic funny voice over scripts that hit the spot. However, if you want your funny voice over scripts to be heard over other people’s voices, keep in mind that a smooth inflection will always work better than a sharp one.

When you practice your funny voice over scripts and you get the results right, try to project this same tone every time. Remember that a smooth inflection will always look and sound more professional and will always grab the attention of others. A sharp, breathy voice may seem natural but is not advisable when trying to be funny. So before you record your next funny voice over script, see to it that your vocal folds are fully opened and relaxed. If you have any tension or soreness in your vocal chords, just go ahead and release it with a light inhale and exhale as you speak.

In addition, you should also make use of headphones while recording so that you will be able to focus and listen to the sounds of your voice better. When your mind is elsewhere, your voice sounds unprofessional. To make sure that you are giving yourself the best possible recording, keep your laptop or computer away from the studio or soundproof room. Also, when the session is finished, disconnect the headphones and put them away. Also, remember not to let anyone else in the studio with you unless you have your own headset and microphone.

It would also help if you have the necessary equipment at hand. See to it that your digital recording device is working properly before you start recording. As for your microphone, you will definitely need to use it since it will serve as your best tool to get the appropriate tone and volume. You also need a headset so that you can record your voice without having to worry about listening to feedback or someone else’s voice.

When you have finally reached a level where you think you can already present your voice over script without any problems, then you should test your voice over recording. Make sure that it sounds clean, strong and steady. You should also check if you are pronouncing words properly and if your delivery is smooth and easy to understand.

Now that you know these tips on how to record professional sounding voice over scripts, you should be ready to present your funny voice over demo to clients. There are a lot of people who rely on voice over artists to help them market their product or service. If you are still starting out in this business, I highly suggest that you take the time to hone your skills and try to master your craft.

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