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REVEALED: The UK is the 2nd most technophobic country in the world

by maria

It is revealed that the US has the greatest phobia of technology with 32,420 searches for the top 30 tech paranoias each month, second, comes the UK and India comes third. The top concerns include Facebook hacking, TikTok Safety and Modern AI. A new study byMiQ Digital, a digital intelligence company, has taken a deep dive into the top tech fears from around the world.

The US, the UK and India are the most technophobic countries.

Out of the 10 countries analysed, one came up on top in terms of technology paranoia. The US has the greatest phobia of technology, with 34,420 searches per month for the top 30 technology paranoias analysed. This is more than twice the quantity of any other country on the list. Second, comes the UK, with 13,660 searches for the top 30 fears of technology, then India at 9,360. The US, Canada and the UK share many of the same tech phobias about Facebook privacy and phone hacking.  Meanwhile, the least technophobic country is Japan, with just 410 monthly searches for the top 30 fears.

Top fears: 

  • UK– What is a computer virus?
  • France– How to delete Facebook search history?
  • Spain– How to stop someone from monitoring my computer?
  • Germany– How to stop an addiction to the internet?
  • China– How can I stop someone tracking my mobile phone?
  • Japan– How to stop phone from overheating?
  • India– How to delete internet history?
  • Australia– How to stop your phone from listening to you?
  • New Zealand– How to stop hackers on Facebook?
  • USA – Can someone hack my phone?
  • Canada – How to make Facebook private?
  • Mexico– How can you stop your computer from being hacked?
  • Brazil– Will AI replace humans?

Facebook privacy is one of the biggest tech concerns globally. 

This fear stems from what is happening with our data and who can snoop into our personal lives especially with stalking and cyberbullying being key issues with social media. The US is the most concerned country when it comes to Facebook privacy. Around 12,100 Americans search ‘how to make Facebook private’ every month. The countries most concerned about Facebook:

  • US – 14,450 searches per month
  • India – 2,860 searches per month
  • Mexico – 2,520 searches per month

Other concerns: 

People are worried about TikTok, especially in making sure it’s appropriate for children, this is largely centred in the US. Another concern is AI, it assists us in many areas of life and is no longer a sci-fi dream. AI concerns are based around ethics, robot development and taking over the world! The other main concern is about our reliance on devices and the personal data they contain, this is specifically focused on hacking.

Are we right to be fearful of technology? 

MiQ CMO Rebecca Rosborough says, “As consumers, we all have the right to data privacy and control over how our personal data is used. Changes like the GDPR and the end of the use of personal identifiers like cookies are a huge opportunity for brands and ad tech companies to rebuild some of the trust that has been lost in the digital advertising ecosystem.” 

To view the full research, click here for more information.

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