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Sales Talent MD Paul Owen shares his tale of hope

by wrich

After founding his firm – Sales Talent – in London back in 2011, Paul has since helped well over 10,000 people improve their sales skills through his consultancy, training services and podcast. He has delivered seminars at 40+ universities and became an Amazon Bestseller and shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018 when he published his book, Secret Skill, Hidden Career

However, life wasn’t always smooth sailing for Paul. Here, he shares his story in the hope of inspiring others.  

I was broke at 32. I was earning £8k a year doing data admin at the Post Office. Nine credit card statements hit my doorstep each month and I was taking on more cards to pay off existing ones. Actually, they didn’t hit my doorstep because I didn’t have one. They hit my mate’s doorstep as I was living on the back bedroom floor at his house. 

I had no money to spend, no savings behind me, no professional calling or relevant experience and no idea how on earth I could get out of the mess I was in. Oh, and my investment banker girlfriend had just ditched me because, I suspect, she was getting a bit tired of me being rather needy (calling her at work for a ‘quick chat’ as I had nothing else to do! Unable to take her out or even buy her a drink when we went out together, etc.). 

I can still remember lying on my mate’s sofa one sunny summer morning and sobbing. I had no idea how to change my life for the better. 

Then, on December 4th 2000, I started a new job. My first proper sales job. A small family company with 20 years’ experience in business and six employees. Three years later, there were more than 50 employees and we’d increased turnover by 450%. I received my first ever annual bonus that took my earnings over £100,000.

My story is not about incredible success with a multi-million-pound business exit but hopefully it will serve to encourage the thousands of people out there who feel lost. Who feel like their career and resulting life has not really worked out the way they wanted them to. 

Change is possible. I changed my life. I got a lucky break with the job (though I worked my backside off too!) and that short period of time utterly and completely changed the course of my life. 

And I won back the investment banker too – she’s now my wife!

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