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Summer Letting Guide: 4 Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning To Move In Peak Season

by jcp

The summer months are typically the peak moving season; one of the main reasons is due to the school year in the UK starting in September. This means graduates and families scramble to move into their new homes in time for the new school year.

London based Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon have put together some helpful tips that are perfect for those that may find themselves searching for their next property during the summer months.

To set yourself up for success, understanding the process and putting yourself in the best position are crucial to securing your new home during this buzzing time in the market.

  1. Move fast: There is no time to wait around when you try to let out during the summer. If you see a property you like, act quickly because it might be gone tomorrow. Call the agent, book a viewing, and be ready to put in your offer.
  2. Be flexible: It pays to be flexible. If you can be flexible with furnishings and your move-in date, it might make you stand out or tip the scales in your favour when it comes to an offer.
  3. Offer asking price: The summer is not the time to negotiate the rent. If you are serious about a property, taking a straightforward approach will be attractive to potential Landlords. In the summer, multiple bids are commonplace, so make your offer as attractive as possible right from the start.
  4. Prepare your documents: An excellent way to stand out as a reliable tenant is to bring your Right to Rent documentation, such as your passport, to the viewing. Have your bank accounts set up, funds ready to transfer, and contact your HR department to discuss referencing beforehand. Being prepared will make the letting process faster and easier all around.

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