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THE CAVIAR SPOON | New brand collaboration platform launches

by jcp

CEO and Founder of The Caviar Spoon, Mary Pratt

The Caviar Spoon announced the launch of its new brand collaboration platform, which is set to revolutionise global marketing by giving brands equal exposure to new markets, audiences, and growth opportunities.

Worldwide collaboration is no longer a pipe dream – The Caviar Spoon make it a reality. Last year, for the first time in history, rival pharmaceutical companies worked together to save lives, changing the global paradigm of what is possible in vaccine development and bringing about new, unexpected household names: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna. Luxury fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton merged with gaming brands to tap into an industry that made $175 billion in 2020. (Entertainment Software Association, 2020).

As part of its mission to deliver growth opportunities while reducing spend, The Caviar Spoon will offer brands an alternative to operating in traditional marketing siloes. Brands will find relevant opportunities and a community of likeminded brands ready to collaborate, using a cutting-edge proprietary algorithm designed by prestigious New York-based tech company HubSpire, who played a significant role in bringing contactless payment to New York City Transit.

Complimentary platinum-level access will be available to validated brands for the first 12 months from the launch date. The new brand collaboration platform features include:

      Profile creation including a media reel and introduction video.

      Ability to send out a pitch to The Caviar Spoon talent pool with the brands/ industry you are looking to collaborate with.

      Accurate matching through the algorithm with keyword selection.

      Manual search function, enabling the creation of talent pools through the advanced filtering system.

      Equal coverage of all pitches and profiles.

      Guestlist function, delivering a pool of geographically relevant potential guests for events.

Alongside the technology, additional supporting pillars work together to make The Caviar Spoon the most innovative solution for brand collaborations on the global market:

      Brand Collaboration Council: inspires members’ collaborations with interviews, case studies, masterclasses, and networking opportunities from the world’s most prominent CMOs, CEOs, and marketing thought leaders.

      Brand Collaboration Academy: a unique 10-week module-based program that has been designed to include a powerful combination of mentoring, coaching, case studies, and action plans delivered by some of the top marketing thought and business leaders from around the world.

      Brand Collaboration Index Report: using first-party data from the platform along with in-depth industry research and analysis.

Beta testers of the brand collaboration platform have included major brand names such as Caesars Palace Dubai, Six Senses Group, First and Foremost Hospitality Group, and Gates Hospitality, as well as industry names such as Michelin Chef and acclaimed food author Greg Malouf; British contemporary artist Charlotte Posner, and Brit-nominated classical singer, Carly Paoli.

The Caviar Spoon founder, Mary Pratt, developed the idea for the brand collaboration platform after recognising the issues faced by brands: “We saw emerging brands drowning in competition and debt, struggling to get a footing in the market while mega-brands were creating campaigns with little or no strategy. Businesses were overspending with poor results. We wanted to create a solution that to break down barriers between industry-leading brands and emerging next-generation market leaders to deliver phenomenal results while reducing marketing spend.”

New York-based equity shareholders, HubSpire, developed the brand collaboration platform that uses AI technology to help pair aligned brands. According to Thomas Abraham, CEO of HubSpire and CIO of The Caviar Spoon: “We were delighted to support the creation of The Caviar Spoon platform to merge innovative technology with human connection to produce unparalleled results for brands. The brand collaboration platform will not only help power partnerships but will also produce unique first-party data which will lead to huge advancements in the world of brand collaborations.”

Alongside The Caviar Spoon’s Executive team is an advisory board filled with global business leaders covering core sectors. Mike Scully, Managing Director of First and Foremost Hotels and a member of The Caviar Spoon Advisory Board, says, “We are living in the collaboration economy. This is the new age of co-creation, which brings together mega-brand, next-generation leaders, and solo talent. To survive, brands need to start coming together or risk getting left behind.”


About The Caviar Spoon

The Caviar Spoon is a pioneering, community-driven brand collaboration platform, powering world-first collaborations between brands of all sizes. Designed for the new era of marketing, The Caviar Spoon is more than a brand matchmaking platform, it is a marketing revolution, bringing together dynamic, likeminded brands from fashion, beauty and hospitality to entertainment, talent and artists.

Everything The Caviar Spoon offers – from proprietary algorithm and the Brand Collaboration Academy to networking events and explosive case studies – is designed to take back the power by creating a level playing field for creative minds to come together for collaborative success.


For further information, please contact Maddi O’Niell +44 01452 346 466 | maddi@bloxhampr.com

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