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The Spritz gets a shake up! Something & Nothing launches new ready-to-drink Spritz in time for summer

by maria

7 July 2021

The Spritz is getting a shake up! The new Something & Nothing Spritz elevates the RTD, blending quality dry wines from a small family run estate in the heart of the Côtes de Gascogne with Something & Nothing’s award-winning seltzers, to create a modern Spritz that is both deeply refreshing and lip-smackingly delicious.

Something & Nothing always put flavour first, a commitment that’s earned the brand a Great Taste Award for every drink in their Seltzer range, and now they’re ready to do the same with the Spritz. Together with a team of talented mixologists, who host bars at many of the best festivals and parties in the world, they’ve created an evolution of the Spritz, blending quality French wines with the refreshing, balanced botanicals, juices and extracts in Something & Nothing Seltzers.

Best served chilled in the can, or over ice in a glass, the Something & Nothing Spritz range launches with two mouth-watering flavours:

French Rosé + Hibiscus & Rose Seltzer
Made with a pale French Rosé, selected to complement the ‘dry’ yet refreshing flavour of Something & Nothing’s Hibiscus & Rose seltzer, this pink and effervescent drink is all sunsets on the terrace, sitting in parks, lounging poolside and dancing with your friends. Delicious red fruit flavours are balanced with the implicit tart, dryness of the pale Rosé and botanical Hibiscus.

Tastes like: Sunset drinks at Villa Nellcôte.

Sauvignon Blanc + Cucumber Seltzer
A fresh green, citrusy French Sauvignon Blanc hits all the right notes when blended with Something & Nothing’s crisp Cucumber Seltzer. The Sauvignon Blanc mingles perfectly with the refreshing Cucumber Seltzer as if they’ve just met at an afterparty, but are already best friends. They finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s jokes and share the same taste in music.

Tastes like: Running through a vineyard naked (with shoes on).

A summer drink made for hangouts not hangovers, the Something & Nothing Spritz is vegan, gluten-free, low in calories (under 100 calories per 330ml can), and 4% ABV. Order direct from the Something & Nothing web store, in convenient packs of 6 or 12, from 7th July.

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