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Using a Garden Room to Create a Personal Sanctuary for Escapism

by craig upton

The concept of the traditional ‘man cave’ is as cliché as it is relevant.  Increasingly, men and women alike are setting their sights on sanctuaries of pure escapism around the home.

From basements to attics to garages, any space not being used to its full potential is fair game. 

For those who think outside the box, garden room could be the ultimate addition to the home. Cheaper than an extension and even more versatile, a garden room can be anything you want it to be.

Increasingly, garden rooms are being installed as high-productivity office spaces for home workers. Elsewhere, they hold unique potential for setting up the personal sanctuary always dreamed of.

But what specifically are the most common purposes for garden rooms in the UK right now? Aside from setting up guest bedrooms and offices, what applications of pure pleasure are garden rooms being used for?

  1. Entertaining Guests and Partying

For some, setting up a garden room is all about creating a fully-equipped function room at home. Somewhere you can entertain guests and party to your heart’s content, in a purpose-built space that is all about fun and games. Stereo systems, big-screen TVs, decorative lighting, and patios with barbecues, the options are endless.

  1. Gyms and Fitness Studios

Some find nothing more pleasurable than retreating to their own private gym or fitness studio at home. Rather than occupying precious space indoors, all the fitness gear you could ever need can be comfortably accommodated in a purpose-built garden room.

  1. Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

A garden room can be the ultimate inside-outside relaxation space; it seamlessly blends indoor comforts with outdoor amenities. Hot tubs and jacuzzis are popular choices for placement in and around garden rooms, making for the ultimate spa experience at home. This is complemented by the right mood lighting and a high-quality sound system for the ultimate ambience.

  1. Music Rooms and Rehearsal Spaces

Speaking of music, a garden room can be the perfect place to house your musical instruments while serving as a private rehearsal space; you could even install the equipment you need to set up your own recording studio and/or production facility, while protecting the occupants of your home from the inevitable noise you will be making.

  1. Family Game Rooms

The classic ‘man cave’ concept does not exist with kids about the place.  You can pick up a pool table, pinball machine, jukebox and projector, but you cannot expect to keep them to yourself. Instead, you will technically be setting up the ultimate family game room and entertainment space, which the whole family is guaranteed to get a kick out of.

  1. Private Reading, Study and Relaxation

There are many who set up and use garden rooms in predominantly the same way as a conservatory; something of a quiet, tranquil and private space for reading, studying, listening to music and relaxing. All with the added benefit of being just far enough away from the home to avoid being disturbed in the process.

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