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Win in the 4th industrial revolution – how to build ‘Dynamic Capacity’ to outperform peers by 31%

by maria

A pioneering management & leadership approach for 4IR


  • To thrive in 4IR we need a new approach to management and leadership – traditional practices inhibit firms from adapting fast enough and seizing opportunities
  • Reveals how leaders can build ‘Dynamic Capacity’ – a corporation’s ability to be adaptive and pursue a consistent winning and motivating strategy, key to 4IR success
  • Companies with ‘high dynamic capacity’ outperform peers by 31% on the stock market –Wyatt’s research initiative with Singapore Management University shows
  • Sets out a groundbreaking new index to predict firms’ future performance – past performance is becoming irrelevant as a measure for future success
  • Stephen Wyatt is a leading strategy & leadership consultant – sought after by everyone from Unilever to Heineken. He is a professor at the University of Bath and Industrial Associate at the University of Cambridge

The strategy toolkits and management practices that have evolved in stable Western economies are becoming obsolete. To thrive in 4IR we need to equip ambitious, fast-growth firms with new tools to achieve superior performance.

Based on a pioneering research initiative with Singapore Management University and Wyatt’s 25 years’ experience working with over 80 global corporations – primarily in unstable emerging Asian markets – the book brings ground-breaking insights and practices from the East, where corporations  have been operating in VUCA markets for twenty years, to the West.

Competing for the future, today

The challenges of moving into a VUCA world have been amplified by the pandemic, accelerating change across industries. Wyatt sets out a new toolkit for leaders to enable them to continually adapt, pivot, reinvent and reimagine, as they venture into an uncertain future – helping them to:

  • Build dynamic capacity – develop the 3 capabilities that enable firms to adapt, anticipate and react to the future
  • Drive audacious growth – pursue a purposeful vision that drives and sustains high growth rates
  • Win the 4IR talent race – develop, deploy, empower and retain talent
  • Gain dynamic advantage – embrace the new management and leadership practices required to win the 4th Industrial Revolution

What’s your companies’ Dynamic Capacity score?

Wyatt argues that our measures for predicting a company’s future performance are becoming irrelevant and reveals a pioneering new indicator developed to predict future performance in 4IR.

His research, based on the 5 year stock price performance of corporations, shows that companies with high dynamic capacity outperform their peers by 31% and companies with low dynamic capacity underperform their peers by 15%. The book includes a questionnaire business leaders can use to score their company’s current dynamic capacity.

Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution is the ultimate guidebook – combining decades of research with a highly-practical approach – for senior and middle managers to successfully lead in the 4th Industrial Revolution and achieve superior performance in unstable, accelerating business markets.

Exclusive articles and interviews available:

Stephen Wyatt is available for expert comment, interview and to write by-lined articles on topics including:

  • Why leadership – not tech – is the most important asset in driving 4IR growth
  • How to catch the next wave of competitive advantage – without taking your eye off the present
  • The fourth Industrial Revolution – Why human-centred management will decide your organisation’s success or failure
  • How to compete for tomorrow, today
  • Why you need an acceleration officer
  • How 4IR has changed the way we think about risk
  • How real-time data is changing the way we lead
  • Winning in the future is valued more highly than winning today – the new rules of 4IR
  • Why fear is the key to thriving in 4IR

Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution by Stephen Wyatt is published by Kogan Page, priced £19.99, available online and from all good bookshops

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