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Entrepreneurs Go Back to School to Recession-proof Their Businesses

by Jackson B

A unique digital business program was launched on the 31st August to help freelancers, start-ups and also larger enterprise owners to upskill and boost their business resilience during the recession.  The Entrepreneur Summer School, an e e-learning program from the global Ed-tech leader GeniusU, gives participants the skills and knowledge they will need to enable their business to not only survive but thrive during the recession and beyond. Running from 31st August to 25th September, the course takes participants on a personalised learning path, helping them to engineer their digital business for resilience with high growth in the uncertain months and years ahead. The course is suitable for a variety of different digital business types, from one-person freelancers and small team start-ups to established SMEs employing a large staff.

Taught by 21 of the world’s leading digital business experts, the 4-week online summer school covers 8 key drivers for digital success: systems, leadership, marketing, finance, sales, investing, service and partnerships. Those following the course will benefit from flexible, personalised, digital learning tailored to fit the exact needs of their business, their team’s skillset and their customers. In a manageable two hours per day, the course is broken down into weekly modules:

·        Week one focuses on agile leadership and creating a targeted 3-month strategy to maximise cash flow.

·        Week two is focused on digital marketing and the tools, templates and strategies needed to grow followers, community and engagement in a replicable way using social media, Upwork or even how to start a podcast.

·        Week three covers sales and service, including how to hone online speaking, manage remote sales teams, and build influence.

·        Week four is about mastering business finance and numbers. From cashflow planning to creating a full company plan, investing plan and pitch deck.  

There is also the opportunity for networking and creating connections with more than 20,000 other business owners within the influential Genius Institute community and to get in front of 1.4 million entrepreneurs on the GeniusU platform. What’s more, participants are in with a chance of winning a $10,000 cash prize for the best success stories.

Created by Roger James Hamilton, Genius Group has over a decade of experience empowering entrepreneurs of all levels to pivot their business to suit the times. The company has itself had to pivot this year taking online its signature programs usually run live throughout the world.

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