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Google’s Craig Fenton joins WOAW as a board advisor

by Jackson B

Google’s Craig Fenton has joined personal branding business WOAW as a board advisor.

Working with WOAW founder Joe Binder, Craig will support the team to scale the business as it goes into its third year. Craig will be helping Joe to develop the company’s strategy to scale the business over the coming months and years.

WOAW specialise in raising the profiles of CEOs, business leaders and founders through social media, its current client portfolio includes Dragon’s Dens star James Caan and Tej Lalvani.

In his advisory role Craig will also support the business as it plans to offer new services within the personal branding space

Craig first met Joe in 2018 at a networking event organised by The Youth Group.

Speaking about his new role in WOAW, Craig Fenton said: “I decided to be become an advisor for WOAW because there are a lot of things about the company which resonate with me – primarily the way it is a disruptive business in a growing niche, looking to take hold of the sector a become a leader.

“On a personal level, I feel a great sense of fulfilment giving advice to a young entrepreneur like Joe. He has great charisma and enthusiasm, as well as a lot of good ideas to excel in his business. I think it’s important to balance that youthful exuberance with guidance from someone with experience in scaling a business.”

Craig Fenton is currently Strategy and Operations lead for Google’s business in the UK, Ireland and Southern Europe. He has held the position for just under four years.

He is also the founder of record label Big Community Records and is involved as an investor in number of start-ups and businesses.

Founder of WOAW Joe Binder said: “It is great to welcome Craig Fenton to the team as a board advisor, his wealth of knowledge and experience will support us to strategise and nurture our business.

“As a young entrepreneur, new to business, you are always learning. It is so important to seek out advice and the expertise of others to help you grow. It is essential to accept what you don’t know and work on it, it helps you to establish the kind of company or entrepreneur you want to be.”

Reflecting on the relationship with Joe, Craig added: “It would however be untrue to say that Joe is the only one doing the learning. Our relationship is mutually beneficial, there was plenty I didn’t know about social media and its uses until our collaboration.

“His day-to-day is vastly different from mine and I’ve found it helpful to gain insights into the way he does things, as it gives me new perspectives and opens my mind to ideas I hadn’t previously considered.”

Within eight months of graduating from the University of Cambridge, former YouTuber Joe Binder launched WOAW. The business prides itself on its ‘social first’ approach, focusing on building personal brands and making people go viral.

A self-funded start up, WOAW currently employ three people and is recruiting for two account managers.

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